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Ready to give it up (again)

I had quit for several weeks, and slowly fell back in the trap one cig at a time. My wife smokes, so I cannot remove all of the temptation around me . Still, I am determined. I have set a quit date for the 25th which is my birthday.

I had good success with the patch (7 weeks no smoking!!!) and only after being off the patch a few weeks did I falter. I still have a bunch of gum laying around as well. I know last time I was doing so well I didn't reach out for support much, which I believe was a downfall. Hopefully this time I will make it stick.

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Hey Seahoch, really great to see you back, well done! You appear to be in a great mindset which is vital in our quits. Yes, you are right, support and encouragement is so important too, so definitely stay close to us and if struggling at any time do up the following post:***please-read***

Read up as much as you can over the next few days, especially the pinned posts here.

We look forward to seeing you in Day 1. Wishing you strength and success :)


Hey Seahoch, just a wee message wishing success and strength for tomorrow, hope you are doing ok and look forward to seeing your Day 1 post :)


Thanks Roisin! Just put out what I hope is my last cig at 1012pm. Tomorrow is my birthday and I plan on being smoke free! Headed out of town to the beach for a few day tomorrow . I'm hoping that the change in environment will help in my quit. Thanks for your support!!!!

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Hello there!

Excellent news about the 25th. My husband smokes so I feel your pain! You're right about the support. In the past I have under estimated just how vital it is.

Look forward to hearing from you in a few days. 😊


Welcome back Seahoch and best of luck for the 25th!


Good for you Seahoch, see ya on 25th !!


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