After a harrowing time with my gp she finally let me try champix, was on them 2 weeks and quit for 3 weeks, had a night out and thought I could just smoke that night 3 weeks later am still on them😥 I have 3 weeks tablets and am wondering if anyone knows if I can just go back on them

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  • Yes you can. I'm still on them after a slip up. Was the GP hesitant to give you them??

  • Definitely markjoes, they had to have a team meeting as they already agreed not to prescribe them to anyone but I was determined to get them because of all the positive outcomes I had heard from people outside my area, I am gonna give them another go and am sure the the help of this group I'll do fine and as long as I give up my social life for a while that bit won't be the problem!! Ha ha thank you

  • How strange. Wonder what they reasoning is? Cost? I went a smoking cessation nurse and I said from the get go that I want Champix - no nicotine based products and they were completely fine.

  • I actually think it is the cost, I had to stay focused and totally demand them before they agreed to let me try them, that's the main reason I am disappointed that I started back as I am determined to prove I was in the right to get them!! Ha ha

  • Lola...Yes you can...although I hope that the sudden re-start with 2 tablets will not have a bad effect like serious nausia...But give it a go...!!!

  • Oh thank you, I don't suppose it would be as bad as I felt when on them first time around, I am so disappointed with myself but I am pretty sure I will get the right support with this group as most all of the posts are very encouraging and most of all positive, thank you 👌

  • Lola... Best thing is you did not quit to quit...Strongs !!!

  • Thank you

  • what side effects are you suffering?

  • I only started back on tablets today and already have that horrible nausea feeling, had a couple of ciggies so hopefully by the weekend iv stopped Again, it's the horrible craving feeling I dread, how are you feeling?

  • Are you eating before taking them? I'm feeling ok, I get the odd craving - but it goes quickly. I had stopped for 40 days and then caved in - so I'm 1 week stopped again. I think the problem is I skipped the evening one too many times.. so it shows they definitely work and you have to religiously take them.

  • Yip I do agree they work but my downfall is taking a bevvy, this time am going to try stay focused on the cost of them and the horrible cough i have that completly goes when stopping them, I will try the dry toast tip tomorrow 😩

  • Welcome to our community Lola61 - well done on never giving up on giving up!

    I quit cold turkey 2 years ago so have no experience on champix but have seen the nausea complaint from members that used it so done up a pinned post on tips with it as below:

    We look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon :)

  • Thank you Rising I will try the dry toast tomorrow ☺

  • Sorry roisin01 😊

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