Feeling a bit rough again

Friday and Saturday I was having a painful chest which felt sticky. I've been coughing up nasties and now have a sore throat. Felt like I couldn't catch my breath. I took some pain killers and went to the gym which I felt better after. I know I'm still in early days and have no desire to light up but I do wish the process of healing lungs wasn't so harsh it felt like I had 20 of the sticks on a night out. Just having a bit of a rant really 😫

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  • It's my body playing karma. It's paying me back for what i put it through lol

  • Hey melsamoo , good to hear from you, at over 3 months, it could be that you may have picked up a chest infection so would head to your doctor just to get checked and get antibiotics if needed - let us know how you get on...

  • Yeah maybe I'll get an appointment and let you know

  • How are you feeling now melsamoo ?

  • Hi I'm feeling absolutely fine I went to the doctor's this morning and he said that he believes the chest pain and tightness was to do with healing after smoking for 20 years. The fact that the pain came and went suggested this also. The sore throat was through coughing up gunk from my chest and they are sounding almost clear so still a bit to come away. I never had a temperature with the chest pains and no other infection symptoms. He said that some people have been known to have chest pain up to and some times more than a year and is very normal. Blood pressure is spot on. Just gotta go through the motions.

  • 18 days in, did the same thing. DOC says lungs actually go into shock, thought he was kiddo but he wasn't

  • Well done keep going! I've had it on and off since I stopped that one was particularly awful but I'm through it now. I've actually only realised yesterday how large my lungs actually are and how I restricted them on my 25-30 a day habbit. I was like hang on I'm still bringing in air almost passed out with the amount of oxygen I got I do feel a lot healthier now well most days now anyway

  • Thats good to read melsamoo now that I think back, yeah I too was coughing up tar for at least 6 months if not more and also had the chest tightness, it is a good sign that our bodies are clearing out, repairing and healing which is remarkable, I took a spoonful of honey every morning and night before bed to help clear out the lungs - if you can get it, raw organic honey works wonders for it...

  • I already take raw local honey 😊 love the stuff. Im hoping that i dont get another like it as was awful but i do feel so much better

  • Yeah, it is horrible and scary, I always think back to this and it fairly sharply keeps me on my toes that I will never go through that again!

  • No me neither. Im never going through all that again. Any case i can't otherwise ill undo all my weight training ive worked too hard to mess it up.

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