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Day 1 again tomorrow



Tomorrow I’m starting my no smoking journey again, I’ve tried so many times before, sometimes a week or so, the most recent attempt lasted just 2 days. The most recent was the hardest, I felt like a junkie... sorry that isn’t a very nice term to be using however I had the shakes, felt dizzy, sick, headaches, tiredness and cried all the time until I had a fag and thought I felt better.

I’m going to start again tomorrow and see if I can overcome all those issues this time.

I was going to wait until my children return to school however Ive decided I’ll start with them home and I can hopefully keep occupied the first couple of days with them, getting out and about walking with them and the dogs, fingers crossed it works this time.

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reader20196 Months Smoke Free

Keep trying Wifey. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. But so worth it. Have you been trying to do this cold turkey? Maybe you need to talk to your doctor about what aid would be good to help you quit. I used champix to quit. It has been seven months since I quit. It wasn't always easy but I did it. Its about changing up your routine. Don't be afraid to ask for help or post on here if you are having a bad day. We have all been there. Good luck.

I’ve had a couple today so not the wonderful start I was hoping for, I’m 33, a heavy smoker, my husband smokes too, They are always cold turkey. I have attempted to seek help from quit smoking teams before, I have tried the Nicorette spray which was awful, I had a prescription for zyban but the fear of the side effects made me not take them and I returned them to the chemist unopened, so I just seem to go round in circles, well done on your quit journey, you have done so well, I will get there just need to find the right approach, thank you for your reply. I have considered Champix but I’m always fearful of medications, I’m stuck in the same routine so maybe mix that up incorporate some exercise and good foods and see how I get on, the determination is always there but then I get them hunger feelings that are never settled by anything other than lighting up so like I said it feels like a roundabout at the minute.

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

If one of our 3,000+ members, one had quit in their first attempt I'd be surprised. I lost track of my attempts, but eventually it works. The key is to keep trying. Exercise and water definitely help. Others have been helped with herbal remedies and the like. The pinned posts have some ideas.

Suse692 Years Smoke Free

Good luck Wifey9879.

I'll be 4 years fag free on 13th June, I used champix to help me quit. Are you using any aids?


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Hi Suse, no quit aids just some chewing gum, not nicotine ones though 😂, the side effects scare the life out of me on any medications, You have done fantastic at 4 years, well done you, do you have more energy now you don’t smoke? How long did it take to see an increase in your energy levels?

How's the new quit going??? I'm a week in and just white knuckling at the moment!!

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Aw wow your doing great, sometimes it’s just going through the motions isn’t it trying to pass the time of day without smoking hoping one day you won’t think of it anymore

Hello everybody, thanks so much for replying, all seems to be going ok, I finally actually stopped on Sunday evening, not smoked since, I’m feeling a lot better than I thought I would, there are times I really have to fight to not smoke and then there are times when I don’t think about it. However I can’t sleep, I can manage to go to sleep but I wake up all the way through the night at least every hour sometimes every half an hour, so I’m completely exhausted. Picked up some nytol today so going to give that a go tonight. I was a big coffee drinker before but have had to stop that completely moved on to lemon green tea because the caffeine is too much for me to handle at the minute, Other than the few issues with caffeine and no sleep it’s going well :-)

You got this, I’ve done this 4 times over and over last time was great 3 months I wish I would not have gave in but life has curve balls and some times they aren’t fear, you just keep trying , cold turkey is the best way, you’ve just got to change your pattern, after eating do something else anything crossword any thing but the same things, try puzzles, sometimes doing the opposite works, instead of coffee have juice

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