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16 Days and Counting

I finally decided to join the forum after spending the last couple weeks of my quit reading other people's experiences. I've quit smoking cold turkey, and alone. Everyone around me smokes, it's impossible to avoid, since I live in a country that still has very relaxed laws.

Generally I am a very outgoing person, but today especially I have been very moody for no reason why. The most frustrating part is it's impossible to work still, make music or do anything I love since my attention spam is completely gone after 15-20 minutes.

People around me make comments that I am not really here, so it's a noticeable difference. I guess it has improved since last week, since it was every 3-5 minutes.

How long will it take to have my focus back?

I am still having to take moments to deep breathe to get rid the cravings. I am struggling and sometimes I still think I would like to smoke but then I remember the vicious cycle that follows...

Thanks for listening, it's been very difficult since I have no one to talk too, to help encourage me or anyone to congratulate me on my quit, since everyone I know smokes.

I would like to end on a positive note, music has never sound as beautiful as it does now, maybe I was always in a fog ready for my next cigarette and was never really feeling it. Anyone else have that experience?

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astrid909 , welcome and a HUGE congratulations!!!! Best decision you will ever make! Most of my friends are smokers too so I totally understand how hard it is. This is a great group for support and venting too.

Personally I was a smoker for 30+ years

I quit May 29/16. My cravings come and go but I refuse to let myself get sucked down that rabbit hole ever again.

You will feel better soon! Keep at it. Everything your going through is normal. Its withdrawal. YOU CAN DO THIS!! ...strength




Hello and welcome astrid909

First of all, you have done an amazing job so far. My husband still smokes and in the early days, I found this to be a nightmare. In the end, I had to tell him to always hide them from me. Quitting smoking, especially when those around you smoke, can be a very lonely experience.

You have done so well that you must not give in now. It really does get easier. This forum is brilliant for support and I have found it to be a life saver when things have been difficult. Take each day as it comes. The things you are experiencing are normal.

Stick with it. Post as often as you need to. You are not alone in this 🙄🙄


Huge welcome astrid909 to our community and congratulations on over 2 weeks quit. That is great. What you are experiencing is perfectly normal in this early stage of your quit as your brain is now beginning its re-wiring so you going to go through a lot of emotions physically and mentally.

You appear to be in a great mindset and coping well. Keep it up and stay busy, continue the deep breathing and lots of water.

I got excited when I read the last part of your post as I have experienced the same - great news astrid, it doesn't stop there, nature looks so more beautiful and appreciate its beauty so much more, everything smells and tastes so much better (but may encounter some nasty smells that wouldn't have noticed when smoking if ya know what I mean :) )

You have so much to look forward to, keep us updated on your progress!


hi astrid909 .

its great you are here 😁

16 days .how great .it will get better

.as for the smokers around you I'm not sure what to must be so hard to be near them.

you should feel good when your near a smelly fag.(not a slave to fag ash )


you can do are stronger than you think

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


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Well done on reaching 16 days. As each day goes by you will get stronger and think less of smoking. The concentration span disappearing is so annoying but will improve. Keep with it and keep strong.

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Hi Astrid, my moods were really affected as well in the early stages of the quit. I can't remember exactly when I was back to "normal" but it was definitely fairly I think you should be back to feeling more like yourself soon.

You have done really well to get to where you are, especially with all of the smokers around you. I hope we can help you get further along in your quit.

As far as music goes, it sounds just as marvelous to me now as it always has!

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Astrid... Warm welcome and you softly stated it as loosing your focus... Well for me it was a total Zombification...I was a de-tuned radio...scratching and screeching...and as from 3 weeks/ 21 days it eased off...and then I took up my not Defend....Take this quit head on.. do not listen to comments and know thy enemy...Strongs...!!


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