13 days of not smoking

I have been reading alot of your messages and they have really helped me alot!its been very emotional the last few days.its not so much the cravings but more of a wierd feeling.and a couple of times whilst driving i gone to reach for my cigs and suddenly realised ive given up and there none there lol.anyway thanks for your messages and good luck with giving up smoking😊

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  • Keep going, I stopped my 30 a day habit on the 8th Feb and I had days were I couldhave cried, I just took myself off to bed when I could, its tough but keep going and it honestly does get easier

  • Huge welcome Joe and well done on almost 2 weeks, that is great!

    Yes, this forum is such a great help to me too and delighted to read you are finding it helpful. I am almost 6 months smoke free doing it cold turkey and would have been lost without the support here...

    In another week or so, the habit of smoking should settle down and will start getting easier as each week passes, looking forward to reading your progress!

  • Totally agree with Roisin - this forum is a greatplace for support, someone is always on hand to boost you if needed,

  • Habit is the hardest part to break away from. I replaced my car smoking with mints. Wrigleys extra mints. Come in a tubey type tin, annoyingly normally at the cigarette counter I supermarkets but I have found them in newsagents too. They are sugar free So that's a bonus and when I used to reach for the fags I found the mints and had one of them instead.

    It does get easier.

  • Hello Joe and well done on getting to 13 days. I'm glad the forum has helped you along the way.

    Aha the old "forget that you're quitting" moment! I know it well and it's never amusing when it happens. Weirdness is familiar too; I spent the first couple of weeks feeling either irritated, or miserable, or ecstatic, or angry....or anything apart from normal. It plays strange tricks.

    Post whenever you feel like it and keep up the good work.

  • Thank you for all the replys😊 another day nearly done not smoking which is great and im just trying to focus on the positives of not smoking and take one day at a time.

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