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bigmike2221 Year Smoke Free
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Hi, I'm Mike 52yrs young and smoked heavy for 39 of them. I am currently 11 days in and not feeling any great benefits as of yet. I get dizziness and shortness of breath at times that come and go. I am always tired and wake up every-night with the feeling im going to die. Literately die. It scares me and I have to get out of bed.

10 Replies
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Welcome bigmike222 - congratulations on 11 days quit, well done! What you are feeling is a perfectly normal complaint for some quitters - I went through the same and it is extremely frightening but it does pass, lots of DEEP breathing, water and fresh air really does help.

I take it you going cold turkey, as I did 20 months ago and here to tell the tale :D Patience is a virtue at the moment and as the saying goes 'Rome wasn't built in a day' is valuable in our quits, I promise, it does get easier as each day passes, just take it hour by hour, day by day for the moment and stay close to us, post anytime about anything....we are here for you :)

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

Hey bigmike222 - hows things with you now?

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HercuValued Contributor

Bigmike..Welcome and congrats on 11 days...Here is from a 39 years smoker as well...What you are experiencing is normal...although extreme...!! If I can take a Flu as example..Some people feel sick for three days and some end up in hospital... You were stricken hard but normal....Hang on in there it will get better...!!!

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mushenValued Contributor

Hello and welcome! Well done for reaching the 11 day mark.

I think what you are describing is normal. Quitting is a slow and often difficult process. There are multiple symptoms, some you get and some you don't. Personally I have never felt any of the benefits you are supposed to when you quit but nonetheless they must be there.

Soldier on! This is a big change and one than you can make. There are lots of physical and mental changes to go through so just hang in there.

You've got this. Give yourself a chance and in the meantime, just plod on.

Hi mike I get it I been the same,I hate the gasp for breath. And now so much weight gain its making me feel like crap.I really hope it gets better for you.x

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to

Welcome Hidden - how long are you quit? Perhaps create a new introductory post to share your story / journey

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Telboy614 Years Smoke Free

Normal , don't worry it'll change real soon , had all those symptoms in my early days , your doing great 👍😎

12 days for me. No harm in going to the doc's 1) to hear him/her say great stuff, and 2) explain about shortness of breath at night. Lot's of things could cause that including sleep apnea , which they can help you with. Have your last meal of the day quite early so you don't sleep on it and maybe sleep propped up a little to keep your airways clear. But do please go to the doc's.

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free

Hi Mike,

Well done for making the decision to quit!!! I'm not altogether sure I've felt masses of benefits as yet... I'm using an e cig and almost on zero nicotine...

I think what you're feeling is normal except I would be concerned about the shortness of breath. Agree you should go to docs. Not worth taking chances. I had shortness of breath which were panic attacks I think located with stopping smoking...

Stay strong lovely :) and well done 👍🏻

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Chickweed12 Years Smoke Free

As others have said, your feelings are quite normal ... and they will pass. Quitting is a process - I think that non-smokers probably think that you say 'I quit' and that's it. If only it were so. Make no mistake, 11 days in is good - and difficult. How are you feeling today?

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