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1 month and still quittin'


Hi all,

This is the longest I've been without the demon nicotine in my system for decades. I'm still tetchy at times and still think about cigs daily (it's hard not to when taking champix - it's a conscious decision to take the pills every morning and night) but I think I'm starting to breathe a little better. And I've managed to easily save £30 - bonus!

Was in sunny London last week and had a bit of a weird experience - the sight of people smoking/having a drink in the sun felt like torture, but the smell turned my stomach. Wasn't sure what to think/feel, except Not One Puff Ever!

Then yesterday, my Dad (who introduced me to champix after having real success on it) dropped the bombshell that he really enjoys 'the one' ciggy at special occasions like at weddings. Not for me; I'm quitting for good. Down that road madness lies.

I read with interest how everyone is getting on - this site really is an excellent resource/motivator. Thanks to all who contribute.

All the best to everyone quitting - keep up the good work!

Kind regards,


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HercuValued Contributor

George...Well done...That £30 will soon turn to £300 and before you know £3000.

Yes, stick to the NOPE rule and you are safe forever..!!

Good going !!

Tryingtquit in reply to Hercu

Thanks Hercu!

I can't ever afford to let my guard down. That nicotine is a dastardly drug which in the past has snuck up on me from nowhere when I'm least expecting it. Hopefully, the cravings will get even less as time goes on.


Hey George - great to read an update from you - don't worry about taking the champix, it is you and your mental fight that has you over 1 month free, not the pills - well done!!

Excellent mantra to have - NOPE is the only way, sadly, your Dad will more than likely be pulled back full time smoking.... Yeah, the smell of smoke and of smokers makes me sick too, think it gets worse as time passes by which is not a bad thing :O

With regards the money saved, see my post below - over €12k saved :O


Wishing you continued strength and success, you are doing so well!

Tryingtquit in reply to RoisinO1

Woah! Some amazing stats there- which app tracks that information for you? It'd be good to have the facts to 'hand' so to speak.

Thanks for the support - it matters!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Tryingtquit


Tryingtquit in reply to RoisinO1

Hm, thanks. I think I've looked into that one and for the life of me can't seem to be able to register. I'll keep trying.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Tryingtquit

Is it giving you error messages and is this the form you are filling in?

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Tryingtquit in reply to RoisinO1

Yes, they are the fields I get. However, on completion it takes me to another page with the text 'permission denied'. I wrote to their support a few weeks back (and again today); hopefully I hear from them soon. NB the facebook login route doesn't work either. I've found another similar app but it's not quite as detailed as the one you use.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Tryingtquit

Just tried there to set up a dummy account and got that 'permission denied' error too - hopefully they get back to you on it...

Tryingtquit in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks for trying :)

mushenValued Contributor in reply to Tryingtquit

Try Smoke Free app in the meantime. It will track loads of things and won't cost you a penny either!

jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Tryingtquit

I get the same! I gave up in the end. It's more the 'now' personal benefits I get a great vibe from!

Well done on getting here!! And that is definitely the best thing for me too, never ever again! WE GOT THIS!!! :-)

Exfirecracker9 Months Smoke Free

Well done Tryingtquit on 1 month, huge achievement, 2 weeks today for me, looking forward to getting to 1 month and my new badge!! :)

Two weeks and going strong! Keep up the great work. The 1 month's badge is worth the effort.

Beatit500 Days Smoke Free

Congratulations on 1 month Tryingtquit , time will fly by now for you :)

Tryingtquit in reply to Beatit

Thank you very much. The cravings still come but they go pretty quickly (for the most part). I now have my sights set on the 50 days badge!

Just read this, great job! your mindset is amazing, keep up the good work and at the end of every month treat yourself with some of the money you saved, just for that little bit of extra motivation.

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