21 again!!

21 again!!

Today, 21 months ago, in the early hours I stumped out my last cigarette and never looked back - it has been a roller coaster of journey but worth all the blood, sweat and tears to be here today sharing this and so happy to be smoke free - a lot has changed in my life during this time but luckily and thankfully mostly for the better.

For those early on in their quits, you will be here sooner than you think as the time passes by so quickly once you get your first month over you, just take each day as it comes, embrace being smoke free and never let your guard down. Enjoy the good days which soon outweigh the bad days.

My stats for each milestone continue to get better and better as I continue to reap the benefits and recover (last stat is my favorite!)

Your Addiction

You have quit smoking for:

1 year, 39 weeks, 0 days, 5 hours and 14 mins.

You Have Resisted Over 15,982 Cigarettes Since You Became A Non Smoker

10,126,398 People Have Died From A Smoking Related Illness Since You Quit Smoking

You Have Saved Over €12,785.86 By Quitting Smoking

You Spent Over €151,001.67 On Cigarettes While You Were A Smoker

You Will Now Live 122 Days, 4 Hours, 0 Minutes Longer On Average

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  • Wow! Love this post, so inspirational, thanks for sharing and congratulations! 122 extra days added to your life, now if that is not motivational I don't know what is! Just what I needed to read this morning.....

  • Well done RoisinO1 , thanks for sharing such an inspirational and motivational post :)

  • Well done,thankyou for sharing,truly inspiring 🙂

  • WELL DONE!!! You're an amazing lady and a hell of an inspiration!!! So happy for you! Two years soon! Best have a giant celebration planned!! ❤️

  • Your words are always so encouraging RoisinO1 🌹

    Congratulations and thank you!!



  • Happy 21st Roisin.....And with all that time gained on your life almost applicable on your years as well......??

    You deserved this one Roisin and all those smoke free months, in the future years....!! You are a inspiration for all of us on this forum... and as you have said your life changed for the better...a super message for all the persons early in their quits...!!

    Well done !!

    (Sorry for late reply but my 3rd world Internet was blown away by strong winds) ???

  • You're grand Hercu , haven't been on much over the weekend myself, serious heatwave here again which is great - busy weekend - spent Saturday painting outside, gardening and tidying up for a family bbq yesterday, really great, enjoyable but sizzling day and evening had by all - can't beat family time, good food and drinks in glorious sunshine 8-)

    As always, thank you for your kind words :)

  • Well done Roisin, you should be so proud of yourself, I really do hope it does get easier as the past few days I have been struggling, really had hoped the worst of it was over :(

  • Thank you rose001 I promise, it does / will get easier - you will be 6 months next month and think that is a turning point in our quits, half way to the penthouse and 1 year milestone so the strength and determination will be fierce, you will and can do this :)

  • Happy 21st month smoke-free Roisin! You truly are an inspiration.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words - hope ye have the great weather that Ireland is enjoying - its a sizzling 27 degrees this evening :O 8-)

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