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Can't find the right time


Hi everyone,

I'm on day 25 of Champix and I'm still smoking. I think I need to quit by the 5 week mark really but I'm not sure. Most of the cigarettes I have, i only have half.

I feel a bit disappointed in myself and in Champix.

I just can't seem to set a date and stick with it. I've had three days so far where I didn't smoke at all. But the next day i had one.

Can anyone help me? Maybe I'm just not ready yet.

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Welcome, I quit cold turkey so don't know about the champix and when to finish smoking while taking the pills - perhaps check with your doctor who prescribed them when you should stop smoking?

Only you can help yourself with setting your quit date and knowing if you are ready, we look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon :)

Thanks Roisin, and well done for quitting cold turkey. I think Champix helps with the initial "bargaining" stages where you're weak and arguing with yourself. After you've decided for sure that you're going to quit, i imagine it's a lot better. I can't get my head around it all yet. Maybe today is my day 1. I haven't had any so far today. Thanks for your comment.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Onedigeridoo

My advice to you Onedigeridoo would be to maybe say to yourself first thing every morning 'I am not going to smoke today' and just take it hour by hour and gradually build on it as you get stronger to day by day, week by week and so on.

With regards when the cravings hit, a mindset I always had and still to a year and a half on, 'quitting won't kill me but continuing could very do so'.....

Have a plan in place when you quit to keep busy - do up a 'to do' list and reward yourself as you go through the list, drink lots and lots of water, bit of exercise and above all stay close to us and post anytime - good or bad days - see you soon :)

Thank you Roisin very much for the advice. I've thrown away my remaining cigarettes, i just smoked one and the smell was horrible. I don't want that smell in my mouth any more. So I guess today is my day one, or would that be tomorrow?

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Onedigeridoo

Great Onedigeridoo , well done, will put today as your Day 1, so no going back now, you are in it for the long haul :D

Get rid of all smoking related stuff and be ready to start tomorrow your first whole day journey smoke free, post anytime, below is a link to some helpful posts if not already read

Thanks very much Roisin, one hour down and counting! Now I'm going to make a to-do list for tomorrow like you said.


hi Onedigeridoo

I'm sure you will know when your ready

what other things have you tried.

I tried several times over several years.

my stopping thing was a e-sig.

not a excellent way of stopping but for me and others here it worked well.

you take care 😊

keep kicking 😁

Onedigeridoo in reply to Hidden

I've tried Nicotine Replacement Therapy such as the patch and gum but it didn't work for me.

I have used the ecig in the past and i admit it's a lot better than smoking, but i want to be nicotine free.

Good luck and well done for quitting cigarettes!

NozmoValued Contributor in reply to Onedigeridoo

Hello Onedigeridoo , why not try nicotine free e-cigs if the Champix turns out to not be for you? Most of the manufacturers supply fluids with different levels of nicotine. I started off on 1.8 mg nicotine and then worked my way down to 0 mg over a few months. After that I just sort of drifted away from it and didn't really miss it at all.

It seems to me that you need the pysical, hand-to-mouth part of smoking at the minute and an e-cig is perfect for that. Once you're off the cigs then you can wean yourself off the e-cig. It worked for me anyway, just a suggestion.

Onedigeridoo in reply to Nozmo

I was using the ecig for a while and got down to 3mg liquid but I found I was using it almost constantly to compensate. I might go back to ecigs if the Champix doesn't work. Well done for quitting and thanks for your comment:)

Have you also looked at Allen Carr book? That sums to work well for changing brain into just doing it.

Hypnosis helped me this time. 5 weeks tidy.

Good luck, you will feel amazing when you get into the heads pace and stop


I rang a local place that does hypnosis but they couldn't accommodate me because i have bipolar disorder. I'm pleased it worked for you though.

Yes I like the Alan Carr book, it really does help.

Wishing you strong will and hoping it all gets a bit easier :-)

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Firecrow69

Firecrow69 :O Great to see you back - 5 weeks under your belt, well done, stay close to us now!

Thanks Roisin, I managed 74 days last year but got into a muddle with patches and vaping. Having an occasional cig when I thought I had nailed it. (Daftie!)

Hypnosis worked for me. 5 weeks in and bought a bike with the money I've saved.

Don't want to go through stopping again son this yime is definitely it!

Good to link back in on here. :-)

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Firecrow69

Good for you Firecrow69

Biggrin6 Years Smoke Free

I stopped smoking using Champix. I found it helped a lot, in that it took away the urge to smoke. It also made smoking unsatisfying. I started champix, and continued to smoke for a while. I cut down over a few weeks (from 30 roll-ups a day to one per day). One day I felt I just had to take the plunge, and stopped smoking. I felt like a toddler trying to stand up on wobbling, uncertain legs!

So there is inevitably going to be some nervousness and uncertainty at around the time when you actually stop smoking. Don't worry - that is unavoidable!

The main thing is that you are hardly smoking at all now. That is very significant! Don't let your weaselly smoking brain try to undermine that fact.

You are nearly smoke free. Once you've managed a few days without a smoke, you will start to see this for yourself.

Onedigeridoo in reply to Biggrin

Thanks, yes that's just what I've noticed with Champix too. I think going from two or three a day on Champix to nothing is just about that security blanket feeling. Well done for quitting!

I'm on champix tomorrow will be my 6th week no smokes

No one said it was going to be easy .take every day as it comes the NHS helped me because they listened and had an answer

It's not been easy every day is a challenge there is no magical cure

Keep thinking of the positive things

Thanks Carlos. Well done for getting to 6 weeks. The NHS is very good isn't it?

Lisak661 Year Smoke Free

I am having the same problem but i think what seems to work for me and from what i have read on here others too is come on here or try to do something else it will take your mind off it can do it i know you can!!

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