Champix withdrawals

Afternoon all,

Hope you're doing well and staying strong without ciggies.

I've been off champix for just under a week and am having weird anxious / grumpy spells which can last from a few minutes to a few hours. From what I've read these symptoms can sometimes be attributed to quitting champix. I didn't taper down - it was time to stop; and I'm not going back for more as I'm confident it'll get better but wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience?

Totes emotes but with my eyes on the '100 days' prize! One smoke-free-step at a time.

All the best,


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  • Hey George, you are doing great :)

    With regards coming off the champix, perhaps a trip to your local health food shop might help to get some herbal supplements, lots of water, fruit and green vegetables and fish. Bit of a walk every day too to clear the head!

  • Good advice, I've maxed out on a few vitamin supplements and am trying to eat well. It's the lethargy and constant {food} cravings that are doing me in at present. Just one of those days I guess; it'll be better tomorrow!

  • Thats it George, the good days definitely outweigh the bad days, I promise!

  • Hi Tryingtquit - I quit cold turkey over 2 years ago, but believe the champix takes the edge of the cravings and moods that you would have straight away going cold turkey, but as Roisin suggested herbal supplements and lots of fruit and veg will help with this. You are doing so well ;)

  • Much appreciated - soups, salads and strolls it is then!

  • George, I know this may not be the answer but maybe use a nicotine patch. Use the low dose since you have not been smoking. I know I am new at this just starting my 9th day but the patch has been really great in siding me to quit without the mood swings and food cravings. I spoke to the doctor and he told me I could use the patch if that is what is took for me to stop smoking. He said it is the smoke and other toxins in the cigarette that is dangerous to your health not the nicotine. Maybe give it a try. Good Luck!

  • Hi Josie,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond and to suggest a way forward - well done on making the decision to quit smoking too, it's one of the best things we could ever do for ourselves. The first weeks are brutal!

    I lived in Asia a while back and managed to stop smoking using patches (so you're right, they do work). However, as is normal with me, I got through a few months of not smoking and then had 'just the one'; thereafter I was hooked again.

    Since I've actually stopped smoking and have managed to banish nicotine from my system I worry that introducing it in any form (e-cigs, patches, gums etc) would just send me to the shop for some rollies (just being honest!). BUT if I ever got to the stage that I was going to buy some smokes, I'll definitely try the patches first.

    Good luck with your quit and thanks again for your thoughts; they're appreciated.

    All the best,


  • Thank you and same to you!

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