Day 2 of being an ex smoker

Well day 2 has been alittle tougher than i expected the cravings more intense my head hurts but i have managed to push through. Im doing slimming world aswell at same time so i have stocked my fridge full of fruit and veg and snacking more to try help with cravings i have also been out walking more today and cleaned my home top to bottom to try help keep my mind off the smoking thanks for all the words of wisdom and i shall keep at it x

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  • Good for you Mrsywhite13 - well done on the slimming world aswell, my advice would be to make quitting your number one priority as it is very stressful, any weight gain or slimming can always be addressed later on in your quit journey when you strong and confident in it - you definitely don't need unnecessary pressure or stress on yourself as quitting is probably going to be thee best ever achievement you will undergo as the addiction is so strong.

    We look forward to reading your updates :)

  • Quitting is my 1st priority ive been on slimming world about 6 weeks now to get my mind into a healthier frame before i quit smoking but i have advised my group im quitting smoking and i may have good a d bad weeks and there supporting me also in my journey im looking forward to being smoke free and healthier in all aspects

  • Apologies Mrsywhite13 if my reply seemed to read that quitting was not your priority, it was definitely not intended to be that way. I was trying to get across that it is difficult to do both as I know many of us here including myself concentrated on our quit, then addressed any weight issues when stronger in our quits.

    I admire your great determination and strength and completely understand why you are doing it, wishing you continued success and look forward to your updates.

    How is Day 3 going for you?

  • Day 3 is going well did t even thunk about smoming which is usually my 1st thought in the morning so doing good so far and think my husband is also goung to become smoke free we didnt ever smoke in house as we have children but he thinks hes ready to quit aswell

  • Good for ye, I quit a year and a half after my husband quit, he was 3 years quit in May and I will be 2 years quit in September, ye really won't know yourselves both being smoke free and the money saved will be remarkable, my hubby is paying for an upgrade on a car with the money he is saving and I have saved over €10,000, went on a 4 star holiday to Vienna last year and done loads around the house with the money I saved - below is a great quit monitoring app that shows days, hours, minutes, money saved etc.... - its a great tracker and motivator

  • Thank u wull have a look just now x

  • Wow Mrsywhite...You are tackling two bulls by the horns at once and I honour you for that...Maybe it is the way to go..... suffer once and finish...!!

    You will have to be very strong....Remember you are stopping everything that was anticipated as happiness...Your brain and body need to be happy.. well done by keeping busy and stay on the go...That might cover for what you lost...and keep you happy...!!

    Very well done so far...Keep going !!!

  • Thanks i got into the slimming world 1st as i knew food would become my escape from the smoking but knowing i habe to go to class weekly and step on those scales helps me not to reach for chocolate day 3 and im up no smoking on my mind when i woke hooe todays a good day

  • Don't forget to sleep when your body tells you. Your body will be undertaking repairs and it will get tired.

  • Thats easier said than done sometimes i have 3 kids aged 6 4 and 2 and my hubby works long hours bit will deffo try when i can

  • Body first. If you are knackered – sleep.

  • Excellent advice bobb10 - yes the body and mind is completely re-wiring when we quit and takes alot of work to repair and recover, but the body is remarkable and will recover, thankfully :)

  • First week is the hardest but you have the right mindset which is important. Drink lots of water, which will help with both weight loss and not smoking. I would make stopping smoking your priority though, weight issues can be sorted later, I gained a few kilos when I first stopped but lost them and more when I was comfortable in being a non smoker. Good luck

  • Thank u yes it is the 1st thing that needs to go i got myself to slimming world 1st tho to get my mind in a healthier mindset but i know smokkng is my main goal just now x

  • Hey Mrsywhite13 - how is things going now?

  • Hey sorry been a while since i was on been a hectic week can now officially say im on day 7 without a smoke im so chuffed with myself did have a wobble of day 5 all i could think about was smoking but i didnt cave in stuck to my guns stripped my hallway to take my mind off it and have to say im not thinking about it as soon as im awake either altho the one after dinner is still playing on my mind but keeping busy and feel so good for it

  • Good to read Mrsywhite13 - yeah, that smoke after dinner and chores habit is perfectly normal to experience, I still get them even after 21 months smoke free when doing certain things but just shrug them off - will it get easier, I promise, wishing you continued strength - keep that guard up at all times :)

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