It's 8am on a Monday morning, and I wasn't allowed to go to school because of my asthma attack last week. But I'll go in tomorrow! My boyfriend came to my place a while ago to pick up our art projects and I also gave him a brownie.

Now I'm chilling in my bedroom, listening to Alan Walker-Faded because I'm addicted to music, literally. Like I can't even function without listening to music. It's getting pretty bad haha.

Smoking-wise, I have little to no cravings, which is pretty weird since it's only my 4th day. BUT it's amazing, I feel so free without cigarettes. I can't even imagine myself smoking anymore. It's gone, smoking is out of my life. Maybe not forever, but for a long time.

How is your day? (^ ^)

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  • Great to have you back here Kate, your posts are so uplifting and encouraging, you are doing great!

    Love music too and really would be lost without it during my quit.

    I am good today, beautiful weather we are having but back to work this morning, short week though with St Patricks Day on Thursday and I took Friday off, enjoy the rest of your day!

  • Thanks, you too! 😊

  • Hi minimalist freak! By the way I feel awful addressing you as that lol!

    You seem to be doing great, well done! From your mention of school I'm assuming you're quite young. Can I just say that this is by far one of the best decisions you can make, your body and mind are much more easily rectified now. I started smoking at 16 and I have spent the subsequent 16 years hating myself for it and getting more addicted with every quit attempt. I sincerely wish you every luck in kicking it for good now, your life will be so much more free and rich without smoking as part of your adult life! I wish someone could've given me a window into the future when I started as a teenager. Good luck and keep going xx

  • It's never too late to start fresh! I'm glad that, by having previous experience with tobacco, drugs and alcohol, I realized that they're no good, and I'm on a journey to a non-toxic life! Of course, I'll drink a beer every Sunday when I'm out with one of my friends, but no more. Cigarette-wise, I never want to touch one again. And drugs are useless haha.

  • Hey Kate, you really have a great attitude, good for you!

  • Great advice Toni...

  • Hiya Kate, good to see you sounding so positive.

    Is this part of your morning pages? I watched the video last night - great concept and I think it would be a great way to start the day.

    Unfortunately I usually just get up, brush my teeth, feed the cats and go to work. Not very inspiring!

  • Haha no, it is not part of my morning pages. My morning pages are written in a little diary, the only notebook I still use after going paperless. Today I wrote 2 pages instead of 1, and I'm going up from there!

  • Ha, Ha, reminds me of my hubby Nozmo, I get up an hour and half before work and he get out of the bed, dressed, coffee and out the door in 10 minutes!

  • Think it's a bloke thing Roisin!

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