Family gone home

My lovely family have gone home and my house is strangely quiet now. Today I have been 10 weeks smoke free and I think now this quit is in the bag, I have survived parties, smokers, stress and anxiety, think now I have covered all the usual temptations and not smoked. I have decided when I reach the 3 month mark, in a couple of weeks time, I am going to stop vaping. I am currently on 0mg nicotine so I guess using it is pure habit now. It's helped me through some rough days but I think I'm strong enough now to give it up.

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  • What a lovely post! 10 weeks is fantastic, and sounds like youve been through some major tests. Its in the bag if you think it is!

    Very well done to you!

  • Ah Jean, this post has made my day! Huge congratulations on 10 weeks, you're right you have gone through a hell of alot in those 10 weeks, and getting down to 0% in the vaping is excellent, well done.

    You are well aware of this but just reinterating it, the guard must remain up at all times ready to attack the most unexpected times and situations...

    I knew you would be grand with your visitors, but well done again :)

  • Great post. Congratulations on 10 weeks and for surviving your families visit. You managed it really well in the end - hope you are proud of yourself given your earlier concern. I think we do reach a point where we think, if I can get through that smoke free, I can get through anything. Looks like you have reached that point which is great!

    Good plan re vaping too if you feel ready to bite that particular bullet!

    Awesome job.

  • Hope the ecig cessation goes well Jean...I'll be hoping for tips for when I run out of my 0% liquid!

  • I'll be glad to keep you informed Nozmo I'm not kidding myself it will be easy but I do not want to rely on vaping forever. My plan is to actually destroy it then I can't be tempted to reach for it. I know quite a few people who also quit smoking by vaping but are still vaping years later, I don't want to stay addicted to anything so I'm just going to do it. Can't be as hard as quitting the smellies can it?

  • I hope not! It's just the hand to mouth thing at the minute, nothing actually chemically addictive to get over. We can do it Jean. I've still got 60ml of zero percent liquid to get through but may go for it before I've used it all up.

  • Ive set the date in my head 12 June. I did that when I stopped smoking and it helped I think to have a date in mind. We will do it Nozmo were stronger than we think

  • I'm tempted to join you on that date but I think it's more realistic for me to go for it after my holiday in July. That will take me to over six months, longest I have ever gone, using any method. We'll see....I'm going to dwell on this.

    Thanks Jean, look forward to helping each other out.

  • Ah, this is a prime example of how forum support works....

  • Hey Abuelajeannie and Nozmo, please excuse my ignorance but if ye both are down to 0% nicotine in the e-cigs, can you stop using it when feel ready to let go of the habit of hand to mouth? Is the liquid in e-cigs addictive? Sorry if this is a silly question....

  • I don't think 0mg liquid is addictive it's the ecig itself I think. I pick it up regularly without thinking about it and that's why I want to stop. If I just used it if I craved a real cig I would now hardly use it. I can't really explain it as I haven't used any liquid with nicotine for a few weeks now so I'm not craving nicotine. it has to be the hand to mouth habit.

  • Thats good though, you will get over the habit in a couple of weeks at the most..... :)

  • Honest answer is I don't know Roisin. It seems simple on paper this space...Jean and I are about to find out in the not too distant future

  • Wishing you both the best with it, I have every faith in ye as have been remarkable in your quits :)

  • Jean really pleased that the family visit went well and that you are feeling so strong in your quit. Loving the way that you and Nozmo are helping each other with stopping the ecig - looking forward to hearing your updates about how it is going.

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