Job Interview... Eek!

Hi all, happy Tuesday to you :) I've been following this forum for a couple of weeks now but this is my first post, so hello there!

Right, so. Day 14 of my quit and I am stressed, unfortunately. I have an interview and presentation for a managers job later today (step up for me!). This is great news but I'm so nervous and I would normally smoke my head off. I have a really sore mouth ulcer since I quit smoking, I've woken with a headache and burst into tears at least 3 times in the last 24 hours.

I know what I need to do and I have NO intention of smoking, I'm just posting this for the solidarity. It's my biggest test yet. See you on the other side! :)

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  • Hi Ruthess, in a rush but just time to say welcome, well done on reaching two weeks...and good luck for the interview!

  • Huge welcome Ruthess and congratulations on Day 14, 2 weeks smoke free is great!

    You can do this interview without smoking and you will be so thrilled with yourself if get the promotion and didn't have that one smoke to get you through it, will only make you feel dreadful after your 2 weeks of hard work.

    Wishing you strength and success, look forward to hearing news....

  • A big hello from me, and may I say a huge congratulations, doing fantastic.

    I,m sure all will be well today, and the fact you will smell double nice is a big bonus.👍👍👍

  • Welcome Tracy.

    😎 two week.your on a great new ride.

    Your doing well 😏

    I have got sore mouth.ive had spots.coldsores.headaches.sorethroat etc

    But I can does get will overcome your urge to smoke when stressed.

    You are doing great.just remember you no longer waste money .your health will benefit.your confidence will be there without the little devil 😈

    Fags.we don't need them.

    We can can win

    Take care

    Keep kicking

  • Sorry Tracy

    This is 2nd apology today.first mmaya now you.your not new.i don't know where my heads at.ha

    Right here goes

    How are you.corner shop still taunting you.I know you haven't grew 2 heads.

    See I do know you. Ha

    Take care mate.

    Keep kicking

  • Sorry this was meant for Ruthess (above post wecome Tracy.should have been ruthess)

    Sorry again Tracy.

    Dizzy min (again ha )

    Ruthess Welcome

    Go on send me home ❕❕

    I'll get my coat ☹

  • Thanks so much everyone :) I really appreciate the good vibes and encouragement. I did not smoke, nor did I die of nerves. Hurrah! Still kicking :b

  • Good for you Ruthess, hope you get the good news....

  • Hey Ruthess, how are you getting on, over 3 weeks now?   Hope all is going well....

  • Hi Roisin! Yes, 3 weeks now :) I'm really chuffed. So much so I thought I'd escape for a couple of days to Wales. It was last minute and I climbed a big hill to a ruined castle today. I noticed how much easier the climb was post-quit. It was fab at the top, well worth the effort. Feeling very positive :) Thanks for checking up on me x

  • No problem Ruthess, good for you, bet it was beautiful at the top, keep it up, you are doing great!

  • Hey Ruthess28 , how are things, hope all is going ok?

  • Hey Ruthess28 , how are things, hope all is going well?

  • Hey Roisin :D How are you? I'm fine thanks. Went to see the nurse today for a catch up and some more patches. Done a month and 5 days now, moved down a strength on the NRT, so very happy with that :) No wobbles, just cracking on! Haven't even had many cravings the last couple of weeks, however, I have done this before and I know I'm not out of the woods yet, so I'm on my guard.

    I've been meaning to post but it's been a bit mad the last couple of weeks. I didn't get that job, but unfortunately no-one contacted me to let me know and so I found out when I went to work on Monday, from a colleague, who was mortified that she was the first person to tell me. I was a bit upset to be honest, just don't think that's very courteous, but I did get some feedback and I've started looking for other work because my job is temporary at the moment and it's stopping me from moving forward with other things :/

    Anyway, hope you're doing okay :)

  • Ah Ruthess, great to read an update from you and delighted all is going well.   Sorry you didn't get the job but as I said before, whats meant for you won't pass you!  Yeah, have had that experience many times with not being told about jobs, extremely annoying and frustrating!

    I am good thanks, 7 months smoke free today!  Feeling the best so far in my quit at the moment although I have a bit of an anxious time next week as hubby is getting his gall bladder removed, initially, I was very worried I would cave in but grand now, have to be strong for myself in my quit and for hubby, god love him he is sh**ting it!  Standard and common op but only natural to be nervous undergoing surgery....

  • Hi Roisin, well firstly; huge congratulations! Not only have you made it to 7 months smoke free, your positive attitude is firmly in place and a credit to you. You contribute so much to this group and it really does help, so thank you :) 

    I wish your husband and you all the best with the surgery - a friend of mine had the same procedure and she recovered very quickly and it made a huge difference to her life, so hoping that this follows the same pattern :) - It's only natural that you are worried for him, but it has never been the cigarettes that got you through anything tough in the past. It was you, so try and remember that xx

  • Thanks Ruthess for the reassuring and positive reply....

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