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Quit Smoking & Weight Gain?

Hello! I am currently on day 6 of Champix. Still smoking - So far, so good :)

HAVE to quit this nasty habit for health reasons, my biggest fear is weight gain... I am currently pretty active (gym twice a day) and eat clean and within macros. With a drop in metabolism and an increase in hunger when you quit, will I gain weight? Cannot eat better or train more. H E L P !

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You'll live longer, don't worry about your weight gain; that too shall pass

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I can't deny that most people gain weight but if you're prepared for it, and dead set against it, you've got a fighting chance of not putting on a pound. I gained almost a stone but lost it after three months as I couldn't stand it any longer. The general consensus for this site is that you eat what you like and put up with the weight gain to get through the difficult early stages. You then think about losing the weight when you're more settled in your quit.

Some people however have managed to quit without putting on a pound so hopefully you'll get some advice from them.

You might not be able to train more but you might be able to train a little harder with less CO in your blood, less rubbish in your lungs etc..


Some great advice and thank you Nozmo. Amazing job for your quit :)


Hi there JodiG... this has been a huge black cloud for me too as I'm menopausal (meh) and I have a pre existing cholesterol issue... I was blown away to find out that stopping smoking would help the genetic cholesterol condition (brilliant)... and, I've chosen to accept a few kilos in favour of the tremendous lift in energy I already have!

You can definitely see you care about your body so it's a step away from beating the cigs and beating any weight gain! You can do this!! Weight gain will most certainly be a short term thing for you if it happens, and the long term benefits of quitting smoking for me far outweigh a few pounds gained... very best of luck!!! :)


Really appreciate the advice and inspiration here jobm1. Thank you for understanding. I too have cholesterol issues (which is a huge plus for my quitting decision).

I got this xx

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You so do!!! Xx


Welcome JodiG to our community. My advice to you would be to solely work on your quit journey, you can address any weight gain issues when you are strong in your quit. Not lighting up that cigarette is your priority and nothing should come in the way of it....

Hope to see your 1 day quit post very soon :)


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