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New to Quitting Smoking

Hi everyone, my name is Lorraine and I have been a smoker for 55 years.

After starting Champix on Christmas day and quite a few stop starts, I have not had one puff for 27 days and although my lungs feel better, my weight has gone up drastically so feeling a little sorry for myself.

How long does it take to stop feeling the need for sweets, chocolate & crisps??

Thank you.

( 27 of not smoking

Lolly859Lolly859 2 hours ago 0 Replies

Been here a while (since before Christmas but not posted) Started taking Champix 25th December after being diagnosed with COPD and had stopped smoking by day 13. Did 6 days smoke free and then had a few blips starting, stopping, starting, stopping for a few weeks. Finally things fell in to place and have not smoked since 6th February.

I feel great about not smoking but I've put loads of wait on and it is annoying me as I am now the size of a house!!

I don't feel ready to go back to my slimming club but I really need to stop eating chocolate, sweets and cakes as if they are going out of fashion.

Anyone got any tips on how to stop these sweet cravings.

Thank you.)

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Huge welcome to our community Lorraine and congratulations on 27 days smoke free, well done, nearly at your first big milestone of 1 month :) We have several members who successfully stopped using champix and are over their 1 and 2 year milestones :)

I stopped cold turkey almost 2 and a half years ago and remember my new found taste buds for everything that is not good for us but tastes so much better smoke free, could eat crisps for breakfast, dinner and tea, spicy flavours were my favourite and chocolate was my new best friend - what I done stop buying these in my weekly shop, if there not in your cupboards, you can't be tempted and replaced them with fruit - every kind - took them chopped with water, for snacks with unsweetened cream, yoghurts, made custard too, your body will soon get used to this and you can go back to buying these as occasional treats for - its all about in moderation and disciplining yourself :P

Below is a link to a pinned post on healthy tips worth a read if not already done so:

PS I edited and merged your two posts together to avoid confusion in replies - weekends are usually quiet here ;)

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Welcome Lolly859 - good advice from Roisin there, when we stop smoking, we get our taste and sense of smell back especially for salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy foods and we can get quick fixes to these tastes with junk food, as Roisin suggested, stop buying these and start making some tasty homemade treats yourself with fruit and vegetables, I found my 2 years smoke free, I am cooking and baking a lot which is much healthier without all the artificial additives and sweetners, also, it is normal to put on some weight when we stop, this can be dealt with a later stage if needs be when stronger in your quit - keep us updated :)


Welcome to this great community Lolly859 - you will get all the support, advice and encouragement on this amazing journey of becoming smoke free :)

Can't add anything more to the advice already given, post often and read up as much as you can on other peoples journeys here, it really does help!

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Hi Lolly,

Congratulations and well done on taking this huge step and quitting after such a long time - you can do this, and you will feel so much better for it after the ups and downs of withdrawal and recovery :)

First of all - what Roisin said - be strong when you are out, don't buy the snacks that you find hard to resist like crisps and sweets. You will be tempted, I know I was, but be on your guard and don't buy them. It's much easier when you don't have those things in the house.

I make sure there's always plenty of mixed nuts in the house, and when I crave something like crisps or sweets I have a little bowlful with some fruit, maybe a banana or grapes or chopped apple or pineapple.

Other snacks can be a tin of sardines or tuna, porridge with tinned fruit, yoghurt and honey, wholemeal toast brushed with olive oil and marmite or jam, a boiled egg and toast etc, depending on whether you fancy sweet or savoury.

With meals, I've been having chicken and fish and avoiding processed foods, cut down on pasta,rice and potatoes and increased vegetables and salads.

I also read recently that getting the correct intake of vitamins can help the mind and body when quitting, so have started taking multivitamins - although I do try to eat healthy not sure my diet is as balanced as it should be so decided to make sure. I don't know if that would help with your sugar cravings or not, but it wouldn't hurt to get your vitamins up to scratch so perhaps worth keeping in mind :)

All the best with your quit, and stay close for support :)


Lolly...Welcome and wish I had a better answer but to be rational you must not worry to much about the weight...Stone me, because I am a male and are eating Chocolates as if it is going out of fashion and since quitting 2 and half years ago I gained 2 Kg...up and down..No centimeters but much needed muscle weight...

The Moral is quit smoking and live to diet another day...I except it is not nice and you are feeling disgusted in yourself (to be as big as a house) but I am sure your family would rather have a big Lolly than a memory of Lolly...

To diet is almost the same effect as to quit smoking...You deprive your system of everything that is nice and there is no Happy chemical (Dopamine) release and you are suffering and falling in a black hole..! So to quit and diet is double the effect...Very hard..!

My humble advice..Get over the quit..Do some exercises... six months... and then take on a good diet ..!


hi Lolly859


sorry no advice on champix ,

fight the stopping smoking battle then worry about weight when you are stronger in your quit.

we have a few here who are/was worried about weight.

you have had a couple of great reply's.

you can do this,

take care 😊

keep kicking 😁


thank you, all your advice is great - nuts, more veg and fruit are on my shopping list xx

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Hey Lorraine, how are you getting on, 1 month today, hope you have a nice treat lined up? :P

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Hi Roisin, I'm doing great - I feel quite positive and I'm getting the snacking in order! I have been putting the money I would of spent on smoking in a pot and I am going to treat myself to a lovely ring that i have seen. :P

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Good to read Lorraine, keep us posted when you can.....


How is things now Lolly859 / Lorraine?


Hi Roisin,

I am doing great with not smoking and have started the battle with my weight, eating more fruit, veg and nuts and have started to see a slight decrease on the scales which is pleasing.

I'm off on holiday on Friday and although it has broke my heart to buy bigger clothes, I am smiling as I know I will not be ripping my hair out wanting a fag when we are stood in the very long queue going through customs after a very long flight!!!!!

Things can only get better xx

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Hope you had a nice holiday - 3 months smoke free now, how are things?


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