Day 10. Keep vaping or Patch/nicorette inhaler??

and it was a good enough day. No real cravings and didn't vape as much. I nought a new coil for my 2nd exit because it tasted bad and since replacing the coil about 6 hours ago it still stinks of burning. yuk. But not worrying about it since I have my other.

I was actually thinking about the patch rather than vaping or the Nicorette inhaler?

has anyone tried the patch or inhaler long term and what are your experiences?

what's your preference out of all the NRT's.


That's meant to read I BOUGHT a new coil for my ECIG. (beetroot face) 🙈

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  • Hahahahaha bless you!!!

    Well done!!!!!! That's so brilliant!

    I'm vaping and I like it. I can have as much or as little as I need. It feels easier to me tbh. I know three people who stopped smoking using e cig and now two no longer use just months later.

    You're doing brilliantly lovely x

  • ah thanks Jobm1. U always have such a pleasant and really nice response with ur way with words. (god that was a mouthful of a sentence)

    thanks so much. 😀

  • A perfectly super sentence and very kind! 😊

    What e cig are you using lovely? I changed mine and upped the wattage and I also changed my juice to one with just three ingredients.

    You lovely lady chops x

  • I'm using a GS EGO 2. Whatever that means. I'm not sauve with the device part of things. It seems to do me but I just thought I might try something new.

    jobm1, thanks lovely lady chops lol.

  • I'm a bit like that hahaha I just checked out wattage with the shop and looked like I knew what he meant lol :) just tried running home from school drop off!! My legs hate me!

    Have a fab day 😊

  • Hiya Leesa,

    I've used a Nicorette Inhalator in a previous quit but it didn't really do it for me. I found after using it for a few minutes I would definitely calm down as the nicotine kicked in but it didn't really satisfy me....I found I was using it too much. Does that make sense? It's hard to explain. I suppose I mean I didn't find it a good substitute for a cigarette. Exhaling the "smoke" from an ecig really helped me and that was something that wasn't there with the inhalator.

    I haven't used patches so can't help you there.

    Glad today has been good for you

  • thanks Nozmo, I've tried the inhaler before but randomly as in not long enough to try and quit. Didn't particularly enjoy it and I agree with u on the ecig exhaling.

    guess I should stick to the ecig and keep going when its doing me good. I'm awful for looking to change about!

  • Try a few different flavours? I found that useful at the start for breaking the monotony...although I ended up exclusivley on Green Tea Menthol...which actually did taste like tea :-)

    Hope everything's OK today for you.

  • I never used the patch or nicorette inhaler, but vaping seems to be working for you, so I think you should stick with that. People have difference preferences for NRTs, but I found an e-cig the most "real".

    Enjoy the weekend all.

  • I used an ecig when I first quit, slowly cutting down on nicotine levels over the first few months then quit vaping. I don't think I would have quit smoking without it. Stay with it is my advice

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