Tomorrow will be 1 month

Tomorrow represents 1 month since I stopped smoking (28 days to be precise). Strangely this time, I have not had 1 day (except maybe Day 1) where I have had a problem or bad craving. I am hardly touching my inhalator, the patches seem to be doing their job. Next week see's my return to the nurse and I expect to go down to the lower grade of patch, so lets hope things stay the same.

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  • Well done Woody, I wish I had found it that easy! Congratulations on 1 month.

  • Woody, good to hear that all is going well. We started our quits at about the same time and I had wondered what had happened to you. Keep going!!

  • Cheers Nozmo and Fordy. It isn't always easy or I don't seem to get the time to get back on here. I hope you are both doing ok with your quits.

  • Great to read Woody, congratulation on your huge 1 month milestone, that is great, keep up the good work!

  • Great job 

  • That is a brilliant achievement.  You should be feeling super proud of yourself.  Massive well done.  😎

  • Fantastic achievement

  • Just to add my  WHOPPING CONGRATULATONS, and may the next month be as great as the first.

    Brilliant well done you

  • Outstanding Woody!! Congrats to you - keep the fight  

  • How are you getting on now Woody171

  • Hi Roisin01, It will be 10 weeks this week. I am still getting on really well with few problems. Occasionally, I get the thought of having one, but that soon passes. I will be going down to the smallest level of patches next week, so wish me luck!

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