Day 7 - got to keep trying

So I had a period today where I felt really weak and the craving was strong (my cravings seem to last over half an hour, or maybe they come in bursts). I almost convinced myself that smoking would be alright.

Then I remembered that smoking would not be all that nice anyway because of the Champix. Honestly that is one of the big things that helps.

I am getting through it one day at a time still. But i haven't cracked yet.

Watched a Whyquit video and it said be careful about overeating. I have been overeating a bit so I'll cut back now.

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  • You are very early in your quit, no need to worry about the overeating, ya can address any issues when you are stronger in your quit, it is perfectly normal to overeat at this stage, maybe get a water juicer bottle and put whatever fruit you like into it and drink it when you get a craving.

    Yes, the complacency cravings will be tough now and will be for some time as you are in the thick of the mental battle, continue to be prepared to fight at all times and read, read and read more, knowledge is power!!

  • Yes, i was a bit foolish to get complacent. I will read and watch YouTube videos about it.

  • I'm with RoisinO1 here - don't jeopardise your quit by worrying about overeating as well. If you put any weight on you can lose it later when you're more comfortable with not smoking.

    It's one less thing to worry about at this stage.

  • Ok thanks nozmo, I will not stress too much about food.

  • No problem. Don't worry about feeling "weak" and doubting yourself either. It's all normal - I went through it and most people go through it. You're doing really well!

  • Thanks Nozmo, I will try to just cope with the cravings again today without feeling like I'm weak.

  • It does get easier keep taking the tablets is what I tell myself and they will do nothing and taste vile !!

  • Thanks lucilou, keep taking the tablets, yes there's no point in smoking.

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