Need a little support

I decided to quit smoking a month ago. I am using the patch.

I did great until a week ago when i went out and thought i could have one in the morning (my most missed smoke). That turned into one here there.. and BAM. Im stuck again. I feel depressed that i failed.

I still have my patch on. I just moved today to a lesser dosage of the patch.

I want to quit so bad but i keep falling..any advise??

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  • The only advice I have is that I refused to let something have more will power over me . I still fight and want one so bad but I refuse to give in and be defeated. Good luck πŸ‘

  • Thank you! You are right. I am a pretty strong cookie but i just cant find that one thing to divert me from my own thinking.

    It is usually when im bored i want one.

  • Its hard. I miss smoking period , the only thing I don't miss about smoking is the smell on my breathe- before it was cigarette smell mixed with breathe mints. I wish I had a easy answer and fix, I don't but I do know you can do it. Every time I reached for a smoke I would say over and over" really holly, your that weak" and that would make me step back and rethink . I will keep my fingers crossed 🀞 and say a prayer πŸ™

  • Thank you Holly. I so appreciate the help and prayer 😌

  • hi Ladybug1

    me too.😁

    be strong 😁

  • hi Ladybug1

    don't feel to bad πŸ˜’

    we have all tried several times to stop 😈

    you just keep day you will win 😁

    you are stronger than you think 😁

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Welcome Ladybug1 - it is tough, VERY tough quitting but can be done - my advice is you have be 100% in the right mindset to want to quit and succeed - the physical cravings with only last 3 - 5 days, then the mental battle starts where you just take one day at a time. Knowledge is key too. Read up as much as you can on what happens when you quit so you can prepare yourself to deal with it - have a good read of all the pinned posts across the way and other members here in the community and their stories / journeys.

    I am 17 months quit cold turkey and the early days were extremely tough but I got through it - my mental mantra was withdrawal won't kill me but continuing to smoke could very well do so...

    We look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon :)

  • Thank your mantra.

    I have my patch on and ready for the next step. I do think i might use your mantra.

    Thank you again!

  • Your welcome, keep in touch :)

  • evening Ladybug1

    how are you tonight.hope your feeling better 😁

    take care 😊

  • Hi! Quitting was the hardest thing I've ever done! I found it helpful to change my routine, completely!!! Smoking is a habit and it helps to change everything😩

    I also found that not having cigarettes nearby was helpful. (If you have to go out and buy them, it's a bit more difficult.)

    I'm going on100 days! I never thought I'd make it,

    You can do it!!!!!!

  • Can't wait for 100 days. I'm going on 39 days. How sad we know the exact days since our last smoke. The struggle is real. But I will overcome this.

  • Hi ladybug 1

    I'm back on day 1 again as I keep just having the 1. It's hard when you have smoked for so long to break the habit. This time I'm going to really focus on why I want to quit. If you'd like a quit buddy maybe we could help each other?

  • go girl 😁

  • Hi Sarah-JB123 - good to read that you haven't given up quitting... can you just confirm your new quit date for your milestone badges, also may be create a new post on an update for support and encouragement - stay close to us :)

  • Very tough for first week, I tried to quite many times but failed in first week :( now I tried again, didn't smoke since 45 days. Good Luck (y)

  • Great to see you are going strong pk8990 well done!!

  • Thank You too, always feels motivated here after reading your words (y)

  • Thanks guys. I find a week without cigarettes not too bad... and then I think I may as well have one and try again next week. Just need to get over the 2 week mark with no cigs at all!

  • Have you started your new quit Sarah-JB123

  • Yes roisin, I started again again again etc.. today 😳

  • im not using patches im vaping now im pleased i havnt touched cigerette in a month ive cut down on nicotine doses to im on last one before 0 vape works

  • hi and wd ive quit smoking but im vaping instead gives my hands something to do ive gone down 3 lvs nicotine in month now im on lowest before im totally nicotine free

  • Hi it can b done I am five months I was on valentines day I styll use my Vape it deffo gets easier itz the mindset I have a toddler and they r stress but I go in the kitchen and smoke my Vape

  • Welcome juliecakes, perhaps create an introductory post and share your story

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