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Three months and a few kilos down the line :-)

jobm11 Year Smoke Free

Well I never!!!! I've not had a fag for three months!!!

Done a lot more walking.... and eating aherm, but, I'm smoke free!! I still use the e cig depending on where my head is at but I'm cigarette free!!! Free!!!

I'll tell you, something extraordinary has happened since I gave up... I've started taking control of other areas of my life!! I'm not the pushover I once was because I've given cigs the boot! They were the last things controlling me (bar work and all the other daily stuff).

I wouldn't be here celebrating without the tremendous support of you wonderful people!! Thank you so much x

Here's a little glimpse of the sunny days ahead xx happy Sunday all and thank you again!!


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Lula-kig2 Years Smoke Free

Well done! I'm right behind you!! Where is that picture? :O it's really amazing and beautiful!!

Telboy614 Years Smoke Free

Great post jo :) and you must feel so proud of yourself 3 months , that has flown by 👍your well on your way now :) x

HercuValued Contributor

Jo...Yes...yes....yes....The nicest thing of quitting is the control of your own life...We can now make our own happiness...!

With this cold winter I can also "brag'' with 1 kilo gained and sincerely hope it not only due to my hibernation (and the extra chocolates and cookies)..but due to the extra indoor excersize ...!!

NozmoValued Contributor

Congratulations Jo! Three months seems to have gone so fast...although probably not for you 🙂

jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Thanks a million @Nozmo it's gone fast for me too.. thanks for the positivity and encouragement 😊

mushenValued Contributor

Well done for reaching the 3 month mark. Major milestone!!

Don't worry about the e-cig, deal with that later. You are no longer a smoker which is bloody brilliant! 😁😁😁

jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to mushen

@mushen thank you for being lovely, inspirational and all 😊😊😊 am beaming!

taurean72 Years Smoke Free

Huge well done on 3 months, Jo!!!

jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to taurean7

Thanks so much lovely 🙏🏻 thank you for being so supportive always, and well done too!! Xx

Assem1 Year Smoke Free

I like this photo, you are in a great attitude keep going 👍


Hey jobm1 , how is things, haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is ok?

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