On a roll

Hello everyone

I am on day 10 cold turkey. Doing it the hardest time also when I'm off work and have time around me, but I'm doing it. Back to work next week and plenty of smokers there but hoping I will survive as been around people who do smoke and not had one.

Your all doing so well let's keep us all going

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  • Amazing! I'm full of admiration for anyone who goes cold turkey! How come though..? Have you had problems with NRT etc.. I know I did. You have done so well for all these days I'm sure you will not fall when back at work... But if you do get up again and don't be hard on yourself.. You clearly want to stop and you will :)

  • Hi thank you for your reply

    I have been and still am going through menopause and my life is so up and down. Been off work for nearly 2 weeks and it just happened x

  • I've just come through the menopause myself so I know how hard it is to sleep with just that let alone quitting too.. I had the bedroom window open every night what ever the weather and a fan in the room. My hubby used to sleep in a hat, scarf, and gloves lol.. Seriously though you are doing really well. Other people who quit CT say it does get easier and I hope it will soon. You've got this far so I know you can do it!

  • Hello. I have done 2 weeks now and am proud of myself. This menopause is a nightmare and me too have had windows open since last summer. I am also suffering with anxiety which is new to me and I hate it xx

  • Oh Bubble.. The anxiety must be awful :( A lot of people have mentioned the same on quitting so maybe it's another stage to push through. I did a bit of research following Hercu's post and read that it can take the brain up to 3 months to to start producing normal levels of serotonin so maybe that's one of the reasons for anxiety..? Perhaps try a health supplement, they could probably recommend one in a health store. I hope this passes soon anyway. Don't let it beat you when you've got this far. Chin up! xx

  • Thank you so much

    Really helps when you have all this support xx

  • Welcome Bubble26 and congratulations on 10 days quit. I too quit cold turkey a year and a half ago tomorrow and never looked back. It is a bumpy road but the good days by far outweigh the bad days - you are quitting at a great time as summer approaches and reliving things you have not enjoyed/appreciated as a smoker for years :)

    Look forward to reading your progress :)

  • Thank youX I do struggle but am still being strong x

  • The first month is the toughest - stay close to us here and post anytime about anything :)

  • It does and will get better and easier with time. I never thought it would but has. I'm cold turkey as well and there are more days I don't think about my old friend Mr. Smoke. Work is the hardest for me but again does get easier. Keep going and don't give up. We humans are Not weak!!!!

  • Thank you all. Not sleeping doesn't help any tips ? X

  • Morning Bubble26 - sleep disruption and insomnia is a common withdrawal in the early stages of being quit - for me, I would fall asleep ok but wake up in the middle of the night wide awake - its is our brain re-wiring from the lack of poisoning chemicals from a cigarette.

    I would suggest avoiding caffeine, winding down at least an hour before bed and not looking at the time when if you do wake up - long deep breathes work wonders for falling back asleep - it will get back normal soon :)

  • I sense you have the right attitude.You will get there. It gets easier with time.

    all the best


  • I found I had to keep my self-occupied. The example I went and digitised all my old photos.

    you will get there I found after the second month quite easy. One other thing change you routines, I use to have coffee with a smoke when i got up. Now I don't touch coffee until after 10.

    All the best.


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