Tearful vaping :-(

Hi, I've been a smoker of between 20-40 a day for 40 years and for the last month I've been using various e-cigs. Part of the reason I'm finally doing this is because I've had a few health issues lately, diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and had tests for everything. It's all freaked me out a bit and as I've got a history of depression I thought tearfulness was to do with all this.

Then someone told me that it might also be nicotine withdrawal.

I feel like crying almost all the time. 

Anyone else had this? 

Thanks in advance.

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  • hello attatel

    I'm your double

    I have brittle bones. arthritis on outskirts of COPD and iv been on anti depressants for many years.

    I find it very hard work to keep "normal "

    but as you will read.you will be advised about the many problems with stoping smoking on here.

    loads of support.information.help is here.



    -.are just a couple of emotions we will feel.

    YOUR NOT ALONE.i for one know exactly how you feel

    you can win

    take care

    keep kicking😎

  • Thank you so much for replying. I've been so frightened that I was starting a bad bout of depression, that even the thought that it might be nicotine withrawal has cheered me up, weirdly.

    It means a lot to me to hear from someone with such similar problems. 

    Wishing you all the best too! 

    Thanks again

  • me again

    I think you (we) have a rough ride in front of us.

    but I know I'm stronger than my addiction.it never helped me.i did think it helped me.but NO it never did.

    you can win

    you can get stronger

    I'm vapping less and less each week.but still have the wobbly moments.

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking

  • You sound like you've overcome a lot already. I feel like I have as well. 

    We can do this. 

    Piece of cake, eh? :-)

    All good wishes to you.

  • you said it 😎

    try not to overthink about what your missing with stopping.

    think good thoughts make nice future plans as a EX smoker.

    you can do it.WE CAN DO IT.

    positive thinking 😔

    have a bath.get tucked up in bed.chill girl.

    take care 😊

    keep kicking

  • Going to do exactly that. 

    Night and thanks! 

    Take care

  • Huge welcome attatel & well done on over 1 month, that is great!

    Yes what you are feeling and being teary is perfectly normal and should pass soon but you need to help it along too by embracing your quit, this is the best decision you have made in your life and as you said you have health issues so quitting is doing your health SO MUCH good.  

    I posted yesterday Withdrawal symptoms and what to expect and tips on beating the cravings, if you go to my user name or the news feed you will see them and may help.   Knowledge is vital together  with focus and determination, you can do this, post as often as you need to.

    Wishing you success and strength!

  • Thank you for replying. I'm going to have a look now.  Im feeling happier-and also more tearful, obviously- just having heard from you guys. It means a lot.

    Thanks again.

  • Don't worry attatel, I was the exact same when I first posted on Day 8 of my quit pulling my hair out!   I could hardly see the screen with the tears when I got my first few replies.  

    This forum has helped me no end, I quit cold turkey just over 6 months ago and never looked back, it has had it ups and downs but as time passes it does get easier, you will get through this, having the belief is half the battle...

  • Wow, that's brilliant! Well done! :-)

    I didn't think I'd get withdrawals because of the e-cig but someone told me it's nowhere near as much nicotine as 30 full strength fags a day.

  • Nicotine withdrawl is difficult and it can make you feel tearful and anxious.  Quitting can also be a lonely experience and you can feel almost as if you are mourning the loss of something.   Adjusting to life without smoking takes time and new habits have to be learned.  These feelings are only temporary. It sounds like you've been through quite a bit lately so don't be too hard on yourself.   You are doing well, really well, try to remember this.  

  • Thank you so much! This has really helped me. I'm so glad I joined this group. 

  • Just keep doing what you are doing.  You should feel super proud of yourself.  I know it is hard, Lord knows it is hard!   Groups like this one really do such a fantastic job when it comes to support - and we all need a little sometimes.  Stick with it.

  • Great to have you on board attatel, if you get a chance or not already done so, definitey have a look at those 2 posts I put up yesterday as they really helped me with knowing what to expect and the tips....just take one day at a time, be kind to yourself and only be around positivity for this early stage....

  • I've just had a look-they're really useful, thanks! 

    Thanks for all the help.

    I'll keep you posted with how I get on.


  • Night!

  • Oh, and another thing-this *would* be the time a new building project starts near my house and the entire street is suddenly infested by refugee mice. :-(

    As if I'm not jumpy enough.

  • Oh Jaysus attatel, my worst phobia!  Hope your street has loads of cats!

  • Oh yes I was so very down early on in my quit and I don't have a history of depression, I am ok now though.  I did up my nicotine level in my ecig for a week and that helped. I've reduced it now and I'm still fine.  Hope you feel better soon, but please keep strong it's well worth the struggle

  • Thank you for replying. I'm feeling a lot better today just knowing there's probably a physical reason for feeling so awful.

    well done you- glad you're feeling better now. 

    Thanks again.

  • Good your feeling better today attatel.....

  • A lot better thanks.

    Hope you are all good too? Actually got to the dental appointment today which I thought I might bottle. Although, I took extra care not to be late and then the train was cancelled.  Had to shout DONT CRY to myself!

    I've been braver about going in the mouse infested kitchen too. I don't mind so much if I don't actually see them, so I've got this tin foil tray that I shake when I go in like some Victorian spirit medium, to make them all go away :-) 

    I have a cat ( and a dog), my neighbours one side have 2 cats and the other side has 9. Useless bloody things! :-) We all got mice at the same time when this construction started. 

  • Keep going attatel, you are doing great especially under the circumstances, I think if it was me with the mice I would have to move out!   Absolutely terrified of them.....hope tomorrow is another good day for you, night!

  • I'm a complete baby about them :-(

    Thanks so much. Best wishes to you too. Night!

  • Attatel....Good decision to quit and will have all the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms but it does get better...... the first two weeks is horrifying and then comes the discovery of the new life...Amazing....!!!

  • Thank you! It's been fantastic getting so much support from all of you. It's helped me so much.

    Sounds like you have all done so well-congratulations! ☺ Good luck and all the best.

    I'll let you know how I get on.

  • How are you getting on attatel ?

  • Hi Roisin I have been following the above post. I have been told by numerous people that the ecigs are worse than smoking is this true

  • Hey Jenny, this is an ongoing debate here and offline.

    Personally, I don't agree with them as you are still getting the nicotine fix (can get 0% for that hand to mouth habit to help overcome) and you are putting off the inevitable of the withdrawal process.   Although there is less chemicals than that of a cigarette, don't think the liquid is great, but it does work for some people....

  • So do you know anyone that has given up altogether using them

  • There is a few on here using them and are gradually reducing their nicotine levels, but no, I have not come across anyone here that is completely off it yet....(yet being the operative word).   But I have come across one person that has given up completely with the aid of it, off them a couple of years....

  • Hi, not smoking is going well, everything else not so much.

    I'm finding after six weeks that I'm not even using the ecig all that much. 

    But the mood is not any better. Think it is maybe depression and not withdrawal after all.

    I'm going to go and see my GP and have a chat with her. 

    I've already decided to see my rheumatologist about changing my meds and taken some time off from some stressful volunteering that I do.

    I'm hoping if I take it very easy for a while I'll get over it.

    Thanks for checking in. Hope everything's good with you?

  • Great to read your update attatel and that your quit is going well for you....good idea to visit your GP...

    I'm good thanks, was 7 months smoke free on Thursday, in a great place in my quit....

  • Wooo! That's fantastic! Massive achievement! 


  • Hey attatel, how is your quitting going?

  • Hi Roisin,

    I'm doing fine with the quit, thanks, although I'm still using the ecig.

    I've been re-decorating so that's another incentive to keep it up - I don't want my new clean rooms to stink of cigarette smoke!

    It's about 10 weeks since I last had a cigarette, so I'm hopeful. In the past, I've found the 3-4 month stage the worst and that's when I've always started again but I think the ecig will get me through that stage.

    How about you?

  • I'm doing well thanks attatel , will be 8 months smoke free on Thursday.

    Thats great you are doing so well in your quit and seem to be flying through it. Well done!

    Post now and again to give us an update on how you are getting on as it will be good for people who have not yet quit to read our success stories and inspire them....

    PS Can you let me know your quit date for future milestone badges, your over 50 Days Smoke Free badge is on its way to you! :)

  • 8 months! Brilliant! Congrats!

    I'm not exactly sure of the quit date but I know I had stopped by the 24th Feb because I mentioned it it a text. So I'll call that the quit date!

    Yes. I'll definitely post updates. Sorry, it didn't occur to me to do it!

    Thanks so much for keeping in touch - the support means a lot! really appreciate it.

  • No problem attatel, will note your quit date :)

  • Morning attatel - 3 Months today, congratulations! Hope you treat yourself!

  • Hey attatel , 100 Days Smoke free today! Whohoo, that is some achievement!

    Perhaps create a new post with an update to let other members know how you are doing?

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