Day 4

Hi all. Love your posts. I am struggling this morning. It doesn't seem to get easier. I need to stop fighting myself and just accept my new life. My mind keeps saying just one but I know it's not one it's the next hundred or thousand. One minute at a time today I think.

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  • Hey, nice to meet another newbie like me 👍 I'm on day 5 and have had a horrible weekend. However bad I feel I need a cig I stay strong and think why I am doing this. Success doesn't have an elevator only stairs and we gotta climb those b******s one big step at a time.

    Good luck stay strong 💪💪

  • You are so right. I know when I visit Japan in Oct there is a temple i want to visit that has 287 steps to enlightenment. I really don't want to wheeze up them. Lol thanks for reaching out. One enormous step at a time.

  • Exactly, you wanna run up those like rocky balboa lol everyday is another step taken and every step taken is gonna eventually get easier.

    Ask for advice and tips, I do, and reach out to others. Believe it or not helping others and commenting on their statuses really helps me. Stay strong we got this!!

  • well done on day 5 Daneagle, really great positive post!! Stay strong in your quit😊😊

  • 👍👍

  • Ha ha .i know i say the same xx but at least we want to give up and are not being forced into it due to ill health ..deep breath an hour at a time like you say x good luck

  • hiya Your doing fab and I can still remember those first few weeks felt like a lifetime, all I could think about was smoking but every smoke you say no too makes your journey easier. Keeping busy was the key for me I walked for miles the first few weeks, crosswords,suduko baking anything to keep me active and if that didn't work I came on here or off to bed for an early night. Stay strong your doing amazing!!!😊 😊

  • Yes that seems to work ..thank you ..and yes hard at times but not for too long ..only last a few min then pm again ...well done


    Once you get your first week over you it is day by day, after first month, week by week, then month by month. The mental battle has begun now, be ready to attack at all times, you can do it :) Stay close to us.....

  • Yes I will. I need to stay very close. Feeling very vulnerable. Today's plan is walk dogs by river and breathe deeply then attack the garden. I can do this. You're amazing roisin Everybody thinks so and thank you. I so want this.

  • Good luck

  • Same here hun especially when the people around me smoke and when at work have to dish them out hourly to the guys ..i got just normal gum ..

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