Hi everyone! I don't mean to spam you guys as I post quite a bit haha, but I am on day 4 and I can't help but feel this time round is much harder than last time I quit? I quit for 2 months and relapsed over a week ago or so, and this time I am really struggling....I thought it would be easier as I know what to expect but it does not feel that way :( and lastly need help! I'm going out with the exact same friends I was with the day I relapsed and we are doing the same thing, going out for late lunch and drinking a so scared that I'm going to relapse! Arghhhh why is this so hard, it was so easy last time :/

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  • I'm really not to sure why it's harder after a relapse, but without doubt, changing long standing habits, and addictions, can cause us issues, we would rather not face,

    We have choices to take, and only you can decide, you could for example take some nicotine lozenge, gum ect. If it gets abIt tough, you could wait untill further into your quit before going out, you could tell all, your quitting and may need to leave early if you think it's to much, in the early stages of your quit.

    Your doing this for you,

    You can do this,

    It will get easier.

    Please post a SOS if your struggling

    Plus well done

  • Thank you!

  • Like any thing in life, this is in your hands, there are many many better times ahead all smoke free

    Just keep going

  • Hi Lauravm

    I too relapsed a few times and what I can tell you is that each quit is different. It is hard, really hard especially when you are making another attempt and temptation is heading your way. I don't drink at all (don't like the taste) but I do know that smoking and drinking seem to go hand in hand. It is difficult in the early days especially when you associate something or someone with smoking. For me it was a friend who I rarely see but when I did, I smoked like a chimney . I cancelled a couple of visits because I just knew what would happen. If you think that you will cave in, perhaps you could defer meeting up with your friends until a later date when you feel a bit stronger. That is the only thing that worked for me.

    In the meantime, take it a day at a time. You can absolutely do this as you have proved once before. 😊

  • Thank you!

  • hi Lauravm

    its so hard but perhaps its a choice not to go out,drink 😠

    perhaps your not ready mentally to stop ☹

    did you plan your stop,did you give yourself time to get focussed ❓

    its not a easy road 😁 you gotta be strong πŸ˜ƒ

    you are young,you can do this 😁

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • I didn't really plan the first time, but I really thought this time through! That's why I thought it would be easier...thank you!

  • hi again 😁

    you know the saying here πŸ˜†

    Never stop trying to stop 😁

    and NOPE 😁

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Hey Lauravm - if you relapsed from out socializing and drinking, then you are not ready to mix alcohol and jeopardise your quit again. You have to learn from relapses - if you feel you would be strong enough to resist while being in their company, I would suggest not drinking. If any doubts, I would postpone this until you are strong enough in your quit - you are less than a week quit and perhaps not ready.....

    Keep us updated :)

  • Yes I agree, I will have to think about that...thank you!

  • Hi lauravm

    I personally would avoid alcohol till you felt more comfortable into you're quit although I appreciate that's not allways easy, I stopped drinking 5 weeks ago Monday past because temptation got strong one night when I was out having a drink, and most of my previous relapses were down to alcohol, but its entirely up to you whatever you do justify be careful if you are having a drink, wish you well.

  • Thank you!

  • HI Lauravm, i'm also on day 4 today. I relapsed last week saturday, in a night out with my friends. I started my quit again on monday. but i've come to realise that its just too early for me to expose myself in situations where i might be tempted to smoke. maybe when i'm 3 months smokefree. i'll feel stronger and more confident. but for now, i'm not going out. its just a setback for me. alcohol is a no go for me coz immediately i have a glass, i just cant fight the cravings. so rather i avoid it. till God knows when. Good luck, lets wait and see if anyone can solve our problem.

  • Yes I agree, good luck! I feel like day 5 is the easiest of all so far! Wish you all the best!

  • Laura...Yes..It is easy for us to make comments now that we have experienced life almost as it should be would we never have smoked... but we did and yes it was nice and relaxing..we thought !!! and now that we want to get rid of it our mind is so ginived that we actually fear the true act to stop and fear that anything we do will make us to smoke again... Yes there is triggers but a trigger don't get pulled by itself and wont even activate with the safe on..!!

    Moral of the story...Keep the safe on and keep mind over matter and to answer you "why it is so hard this time".....I dont know but that is why I said I will never smoke again and go through this hell off quitting is not easy but so worth it...Strongs !!

  • Yes I agree! Thank you

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