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Smoking dreams and Chantix, schmantix?

ladyinthelake6 Months Smoke Free

Day 16. I had a smoking dream last night and woke up in a panic. It came after I spent an evening with a smoking friend. I wasn't tempted to cheat while I was with him, but I guess my psyche was jealous somehow. Weirdly, even though I didn't touch one, when I woke up from my smoking dream, my throat felt scratchy and burned like it often did on occasions when I smoked more than usual like a night out with friends.

Anyway, I feel really strong about the quit. I'm dealing with triggers really well and I'm excited about the positives of not smoking. I have 100% confidence in myself that I will not relapse. So I'm thinking about killing the Chantix. I only started taking it because I signed up for a quit-smoking study and they are providing it, along with patches that may or may not be placebos. Having tried and gotten violently ill from patches before, I am positive the patches are placebos and they irritate my skin so I ditched them 2 weeks ago. Didn't notice a difference. While I know that a lot of you have reported fatigue from quitting alone, I have not experienced this before. I quit for 28 days (forced by being in the Amazon jungle for work and no access to smokes) less than 2 years ago, and I didn't ever feel fatigue. On a prior quit in 2011 (6 months), I also didn't feel fatigue. But on Chantix, I feel like a zombie from the moment I wake up until I get home. Then I crawl into bed at 6 to take a nap and end up wired, falling asleep at 12, then waking up constantly through the night. I think I'm tired because I haven't had a decent night's sleep since I started the pills. I don't have time to be a zombie. I can't keep going to work half zoned and looking for a place to take at nap at 2 pm.

I've read that stopping can also lead to fatigue, so this feels like a Catch-22. So I'm going to start taking half doses for a few days, then gradually phase out the evening dose. Ugh. I just want to feel almost normal again.

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Skyelady6 Months Smoke Free

Hi Ladyinthelake, I wouldn't advise coming of the champix just yet, have you stopped smoking for 16 days or been taking the champix for 16 days, I wasn't sure. I;m half way through my second pack and quit smoking 3 weeks ago, granted I love the dreams and as long as I take the tablet with food and don't smoke (the only time I was ever sick) I'm not sick. I know if I stopped the tablet now I would be tempted to smoke as I wouldn't think it was going to make me sick, I'm actually concerned about coming off Really if you can hang in there and complete the course it will get better. :)

ladyinthelake6 Months Smoke Free in reply to Skyelady

I've stopped smoking for 17 days. I started Chantix (same as Champix, I assume) almost a month ago.

I dont know. I skipped my evening dose last night and actually slept through the night. I only took half a dose this morning and for the very first time since I started taking them, I feel alert and more focused. I may not stop them entirely, but I am definitely going to stay on a reduced dose. I have a counselor I'm checking in with every few days and I've scheduled activities over the next 2 weeks that encourage non-smoking. I have always been a reluctant pill taker and these side-effects remind me why I am.

2217100 Days Smoke Free

Do be careful here, 16 days is far too early to be playing around with the dosage, but that’s only my opinion, you must do whatever you feel is right for you.

ladyinthelake6 Months Smoke Free in reply to 2217

Thanks, but I think I made the right call. I am already sleeping better and yesterday was the first day since I started them that I was actually alert and productive all day. No 2 pm sledgehammer to the head, accompanied by all-day malaise.

It's now Day 18. I still feel confident and committed to the quit. And if can do that without feeling like I got hit by a truck every day, I'm even more excited about upcoming milestones.

Also, I am trying to be smart about my routine. I'm good at home now, but I am visiting an old friend this weekend. We have been smoking together since we were 14. We have both quit since we saw each other last, but I am smart enough to know that she and I tend to have bad judgement together, particularly after a couple of drinks and it *is* too soon to take *that* risk. So I am not staying with her. Daytime visit only when her kids are around and neither of us would ever smoke around the kids. Then I go to my parents to sleep - another place I never smoke.

I am glad I tried Chantix because I think it helped push me over the edge. But I need to learn to make healthy choices without it and without the negative side effects.

2217100 Days Smoke Free in reply to ladyinthelake

I’m so pleased for you and I’m sure everything will work out fine as you seem to be thinking it all though. My good wishes to you.


Hey ladyinthelake - have you come off the champix altogether now or reduced the dosage? If you have stopped taking it, you will now be in the thick of nicotine withdrawals, cravings and the mental battle which champix took the edge off. It is highly recommended to complete the full dose of 12 weeks if you can and not suffering depression as we have had members not complete the full dose and relapse.

This is just opinions from past experiences here with members, you know your own mind and body. Good plan with meeting up with your friend. Continue to keep us posted on how you are getting on :)

ladyinthelake6 Months Smoke Free

Hi Roisin01- thanks for checking in. I reduced the dosage to 0.5 mg/day from 2.0 mg/day and I'm only taking the morning dose. I'm experiencing zero withdrawals and cravings (or at least no more than I was previously and those are both modest and rare). On the other hand, I do feel like a million bucks after not taking the full dose for the last 3 days, a very welcome (and immediate) improvement. So long as this persists, I will continue taking the 0.5 mg/day but have no plans to increase the dose again.

My decision may not be the right one for everyone here, but I know my body and this was the right decision for me because frankly, even if I wasn't depressed when I started taking the pills, living in a half-conscious stupor for another 9 weeks would lead me there.

Today is Day 19. Three weeks is coming up. I welcome it and every non-smoking day that I know will come after it.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to ladyinthelake

Glad the reduced dosage is working for you ladyinthelake, as I mentioned you know your own mind and body

Embrace being one of the few lucky ones not to be experiencing the nicotine withdrawals, good for you :)

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