I can't cope without Nicoteen!

If you are like me, who repeatedly failed at quiting smoking because of this dependancy, even with all the help given to me by the NHS, let me offer some advice.

Ideally we should all be looking to quit smoking and not be dependant upon nicotine, which is the reason we all know that it so hard not to smoke. However, for some, like myself it's easier said than done. That is until I tried vaping, and now I DONT SMOKE. At first, it was not a very successful process due to my lack of knowledge, and a lot of trial and error, as unfortunatley there are some horrible tasting liquids out there. But equally so, some very nice one's too. If you feel you would like to give this a go as a last resort, I would suggest you visit a Vaping shop or one of the many online forums for advice first before spending any money on something that may be unsuitable for you. It worked for me!


There is a successful alternative!

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  • You're right about the horrible flavours Graeme. I went for the more manly tobacco flavours when I first started but they tasted like celery. I hate celery! I put up with it but I'm a much happier Green Tea Menthol man these days.

  • Hi Ya Nozmo, I wouldn't mind trying the Green Tea,but without the Menthol! I made the mistake of buying three 30ml bottles of JAC Vapour Menthol at 24mg as I thought I liked it. However, by the time I had gone through the first I found I couldn't stand the thought opening any of the other two.

    I know what you mean about the Tobacco, I have had some really nasty flavoured juice, and so far I can only get on with a couple that taste vaguely of liquorice, and one that's described as a smooth cigar. Its funny how the flavours seem to change quite profoundly using different tanks or devices. The one juice that I can vape on all day is Honey Badger from Charlie s Chalk Dust range, but it is expensive, so I keep on looking for a cheaper alternative.

    Vape On :-)


  • I like the sound of Honey Badger! Have you ever considered making your own Graeme? There's a UK website that provides all the materials and it's incredibly cheap. I'm not sure if we're allowed to name sites but it can easily be found with a Google search. All materials are certified.

    I work in a lab and we have litres of propylene glycol and glycerol (same as VG). Considered making my own but thought it may be too "mad scientist". God knows what impurities we have in the work materials as well.

  • Hi Nozmo, I'm thinking about it and I'm already making my own coils and rebuilding stock as well as rba coils :-) amazing what you can learn from You Tube.

    I am still in search of that one flavour that I can get on with as an all day vape, hopefully that comes in a concentrate and then the brewing will commence.


  • I like the sound of all that! A combination of electrical engineering and chemistry; right up my street. I'm impressed Graeme!

  • Cigarettes were never this much fun! :-)


  • Well said.

    I'm vaping.learning.

    And I can say there's not a lot of difference.

    I just know 4000 chemicals not going into me.

    I have found several not good liquids.but I found some good ones.

    Try.thats all I do.

    Smoking is not running my life anymore.

    Vaping is working.patches etc did not help.

    Everyone keep at it.

    Keep kicking

    Take care

  • I know what you mean about the patches, I found even with two of the strongest ones on my arms at a time, I was still craving for nicotine.

    Keep vaping!


  • I'm also vaping - I told the shop which ciggies I smoked and they recommended a liquid for me nearest to the strength of the tobacco I was on ..... have to say am very impressed and working so far for me .. only day 5 but that's massive for me !! ( never gone this long before ) keep going everyone !! xx

  • Well done Yvette, you will not regret it and it gets easier, your health, senses and finances will be a lot better.

    Although saying that, I'm spending a small fortune on trying loads of different flavours .

    Keep vaping!


  • The vape thing is wonderful for anyone that finds comfort, and assistance with their quit.    We all must do what works for us. It's very individual. 

      I did mine cold turkey.  I guess It didn't make sense  (((for ME)))  to quit nicotine, in cigs,  and reach for  nicotine, in another form.   I figured at some point,  the substitute has to be quit as well.   I think it's always a great thing to quit smoking squares, and I  hope you continue to do what YOU  need to stay off the nasty things. 

    Wishing you a day filled  with laughter, patience, and joy.

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