Dreaming about smoking

Hello, still doing well and looking forward to finishing on the patches. My skin on my arms is starting to look a bit scaly lol. Also they make my sinuses flare up. As soon as I put one on i get congested and feel a bit dizzy. I am hoping to come off them in 2 weeks. Will buy spares in case I need longer.

Anyway, to the point, is anyone else having smoking dreams? I've had ones where I am vaping really strong nicotine and others where I smoke and in the dreams I say to myself "why are you doing this silly, you've quit". So bizarre and this morning I woke up worried that I had actually smoked loads. Thankfully I hadn't!

I hope everyone is having a good morning.


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  • Don't worry, you're not going mental debsmcphee - these are very common.

    I had a few and they wrecked my sleep on the nights I had them. I kept half-waking up and thinking it was really happening. Do a quick search on the site for "dreams" and see how many hits you get!

    They do fade with time. I haven't had one for months now.

  • Hey debsmcphee - have you re-started your quit, if so, can you let me know your new quit date for your milestone badges.

    The smoking dreams are perfectly normal to get and can be quite frequent when we first quit, I still have one at least once a month after a year and a half quit and my hubby stills gets an odd one and he is 3 years quit - they can be unsettling and seem so real!

    With regards the patches and the scaling of skin and feeling dizzy, this happened to other members here and they were overdosing on the nicotine and needed to reduce the dose, maybe check the side affects or consult your chemist if they get any worse....

  • Hi Roisin, Sorry i didn't come back to you. I've decided not to re-start my quit. I am still happily quit and would be so disheartened to go back. I understand it might not meet the rules of the community and you might need to remove my badges and that's fine I am just happy having the amazing support from you all :)


    Debs xxxx

  • Hey, yes I've had smoking dreams but not for a few weeks now. They are normal and common! I just have really, really weird and vivid dreams now mostly. Lol.

  • Hi Kelly, sorry for the late reply. I hope your dreams aren't too crazy and you have some nice one's in there too!


  • Hey debsmcphee - how are you?

    I have heard that you should put the patches in different places, to avoid skin irritations - don't know if you have tried that?

    I have had really bizarre dreams but about anything and everything, not necessarily just about smoking, but it is part and parcel of Champix so not uncommon. I think the side effect of patches (dreams) are the same.

    Good to know you are going strong and hope you get a good night's sleep very soon.

    Take care x

    Mel :D

  • Hi Mel, I am good thanks. How are you doing? I do move the patch around and swap arms each day. The scaly skin has stopped since I moved to the step 3 patch which is really small thankfully. I look forward to coming off them so I can use moisturiser on my arms again. I'm feeling more confident in my quit. I went out with my Mum on Sunday and her smoking didn't bother me at all :)

    Smoking dreams aren't each night thankfully as I don't like the panic feeling when i feel like I've smoked. I'm a bit nervous about coming off the patches but plan to do that in 10 days. This will be after my 40th Birthday and lots of nice meals out and maybe a small cocktail.

    Your quit is going great, well done!


  • Hey debsmcphee - hows things going for you in your quit journey?

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