Week 11

Hi guys am Sarah am new to this site I packed in smoking 11 weeks ago I did smoke 20 ciggies a day for 16 years but I got rushed in to hospital in November with life threating asthma which I didn't know I had I was put in icu for a week asleep to give my lungs and breathing time to recover any one who has been smoking over 11 weeks know when it gets easier as I am having really bad withdrawal symptoms anxiety bad dreams thanks in advance

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  • Oh my lovely, such a shock and upsetting time for you and yours.

    But how fantastic, you have pulled through, and given the chance to recover.

    We are all individual, but like any thing in life, the longer we work at it, the easier it becomes.

    Are you using anything?

    So a huge welcome from me, great to have you with us.

    Lots of tips, and wonderful people on here, so your in the right place.

    Read and more reading, gives us a incite into why we have withdrawal symptoms, it will help .

  • Thanks for advice Tracey and I finished patches last week x

  • Hi Sarah and welcome! At the 11 week stage things should be easier. You would still get the odd craving but nowhere near as bad as in the beginning. Are you using any form of NRT?

    Nevertheless, you are doing amazingly well! 😃l

  • Hi mushen I finished patches just over a week ago and I've been having panic attacks since then and thanks for reply

  • This is a tricky one. I have had a look on the Web and it does appear that this is not uncommon. There's lots of information about how to relieve anxiety using the usual methods which are, exercise, talking to somebody, trying not to worry about your quit and it failing and so on. I would say that if the panic attacks continue, see your GP, if nothing else to put your mind at rest.

    Quitting is really hard. Quitting can also be quite isolating and you have had a tough time of it recently. When you are feeling anxious, at the very least, post on here. We can provide you with somebody to 'talk' to. I hope this helps and that you feel better. 😊

  • Awww thank u very much I've got a doctors appointment 2moro and also see my asthma nurse

  • Excellent! Let us know how you get on. 😊

  • Hi from another newbie these guys know their stuff and it's great to be able to chat to pick up tips. Well done on stopping ! see the related posts for help from breathing exercises etc Hope tonight no bad dreams for you

  • Awwwww thank u it's hard but no going back

  • Welcome shouty - maybe create an introductory post and share your story with us :)

  • hi and welcome we all no what yr going through i quit smoking use vape instead and its worked for me just cutting nicotine down now im still at 6mg but hoping by end next mth be down to 0

  • Hi treacle1965 your contribution is great here and thank you! With regards you recommending vaping as worked for you, for members well on in their quits and doing it cold turkey, this would be a step backwards, so just be mindful of encouraging it as they would have got by the nicotine withdrawal. The struggles we experience in quitting is all part and parcel and will pass...

  • Awwww well done am feeling a lot better now am reaching 3 months its been very hard especially smoking 16 years

  • we all get there at end all takes people different times and ways but i wouldnt been able quit without vape i tryed few yrs ago on patches and 3 days later i smoked again this time i havnt touched single rollie in just ova mth i feel great plus still sociolise and be around people who smoke dosnt affect you either or have cuppa or after food

  • Well done ur doing great 👌

  • Welcome Sarahjane12 and congratulations on over 100 days smoke free! With regards the anxiety you are feeling, this is most likely to coming off the patches and now cold turkey, this should pass soon but if getting worse maybe a trip to your doctor or health food shop for herbal supplements, also bit of exercise, reduce caffeine and sugary foods (if you can) for a while, deep breathing too and lots of water.

    Keep in touch with us and your progress :)

  • Awwww thank you so much

  • How did you get on at the doctors? How are you feeling now?

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