My 11 Months Metamorphoses

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ― Maya Angelou

On my 11 th month not smoking I found it so true and so applicable on us quitters... We deny the fact that we have been ugly stinking worms crawling in every corner just to have that half hourly nicotine fix and thought that we are happy and calm..

Then we decided to change and spin ourselves in this pity cocoon and suffer in this little cramping muscle aching space. It is here where you feel like rats gnawed on your muscles and p**sed on your brain. Barely surviving and seriously suffering resisting not to lick a chain smoker just to get that sweet, sweet taste of nicotine. We got dryer and crimped away...we got confused and it fight or flight time?

Then we decide to fight and break free from this prison where we have been entrapped to slavery for so long....then you feel your lungs inflate with the onrush of fresh air and new life and at last you know what freedom and happiness is...

Emerging as this butterfly, free to go where it wants to go and fly with the wind....No need to hide away in small cold corners and become aware that our task must be and I quote Albert Einstein “To free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace life and the whole of nature and its beauty”

It is so possible and if we really want it we can do it !!!!!

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  • Nice post Hercu !!!!! Congratulations on hitting 11 months :)

  • Wow. Hercu you are an inspiration

  • Congratulations on 11 months quit Hercu - awesome job!  Had to lol at "resisting not to lick a chain smoker" ... ah takes me back lol ...


  • Oh Hercu , definitely have to award you post of the week, you really have a truly gifted talent to express your thoughts the way you do, thank you so much, added to your quotes and badge on its way :)

    You can see that you are indeed that butterfly now and will be taking off in full flight (not fight!) next month to fly in through the window of the penthouse (hope Incy_Wincy will have it open for you!)

  • Yippee....Hope Incy knows whats coming !!!

    Thank you Roisen...Yes I will fly and never look back...!!!

  • Wow once again Hercu! 

  • Congratulations 11 months that is brilliant! Great post you are an inspiration to us all :)

  • A post worthy of the Post of the Week award Hercu!

  • Thank you Nozmo...This forum and you all are very inspiring and the positiveness is of great help for all suffering on the same course...To live a smoke free life....!!!

  • What a wonderful post, so eloquently put, with all the enthusiasm of a man who is so close to the twinkling lights of the penthouse. To be free is  one of the best gifts in life. And free you are of that very powerful drug we know as nicotine, 

    A true success, sending a huge congratulations your way. 

  • Hi Tracey...Thank you so much...!! and surely it is wonderful to be free from that terrible addiction.

    We are the lucky ones and took the step and can be proud of ourselves and just hope that we can help people to overcome the smoking habit....  

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