Day 28

So today marks 28 days smoke free for me! I have the NHS app on my phone which gives me daily updates and encouragement which I've found really helpful. But it's a 28 day thing and I'm at the end of it... so what now?! I'm worried I've been relying on that and now I'm not sure I trust myself without it. Physical nicotine cravings are now gone but mental ones are still lurking about and creep up on me a few times each day. I'm definitely finding exercise easier and I'm no longer out of breath in 5 minutes but I can honestly say I've not really noticed any other benefits that I'm told to expect such as better skin, whiter teeth, feeling better, sleeping better and so on. Maybe I'm just being impatient but I'm left thinking "what now?" and feeling lost!

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  • Good to read an update from you Kelly-86 - 28 days is a great achievement, well done - almost at your big milestone of 1 month!

    You can get loads of progress apps, the one I use is on facebook (quitometer) and follows your whole journey but you can other ones that give you updates to your mobile on a daily basis.

    With regards the benefits, our bodies healing it is a gradual process and you're right, it does require patience, I was the same, thought I feel great in a matter of a week quit!!

    You have so many benefits to look forward to, the biggest one is spring coming and your new found beauty of nature - I found this remarkable and probably sounded weird on here going on about it but I re-gained smells that I hadn't come across since I was a teenager.

    Continue to just take one day at a time :)

  • Thank you, I didn't realise there were other apps, I'll definitely check those out! I seem to do better when I've got something like that.

    Haha patience it is then, I have smoked since I was 12/14 depending on what you call smoking regularly and I'm now 30 so I suppose it'll take time to heal, thinking about it logically!

    Yes I've heard many people mention the improved sense of smell (and taste) and I have noticed that a little bit actually, so things can only get better right!

    Thanks for the support :)

  • Hello. I'm 28 days too and have been using the app called smoke free which as far as I can tell goes on for years, gives you advice and badges on your successes. I think we'll definitely see more positives as time goes on but being able to breath properly is a pretty big benefit i think😁.

    Good luck and well done💪💪🚭🚭

  • Thank you Frostie! You are right, it is a massive benefit. I shouldn't take that for granted really! Well done to you too! It's not an easy road is it! One day at a time.

    One thing I am suprised about is how much I've realised fags actually STINK! Whenever walking past someone smoking it's so strong and makes me feel a bit sick now, can't believe I used to smell like that 😳

  • Thank you!, it is tough but we're getting there👍🏽. Yeah, I can smell the smoke from miles away now(seems like it anyway!).

    Another positive for you is you are 30, you've got 12 years head start on me. I wish I'd stuck to quitting years ago, better now than never I suppose!

  • Definitely better now than never! My doctor said to me that no matter what age you are, (not that 42 is any age by the way!) your health will always improve by quitting smoking. Even 70 year olds!

  • My 9 year old thinks I'm reeeeallly old😆.

    That is good to know. I'm looking forward to being a non smoking, healthier, fitter 43 year old!.x

  • Ah the smell of other smokers, it really is revolting, isn't it - all behind us now :)

  • Welcome Frostie2560 and congratulations on 28 days, well done! You appear to be in a great mindset which will stand to you, keep it up!

    Perhaps create a new post introducing yourself and sharing your story :)

  • They only give you 28 days??? What a swizz. Get another one like the one Frostie2560 suggests and put your original start date in. I use that one too.

    I didn't feel many of the benefits others do either Kelly. My skin is a bit better and exercise is definitely better but I didn't get any of the taste or smell things, and energy levels are more or less the same. AND my hair didn't grow back....maybe I expect too much...😀

    You're nearly at a month! Give yourself a bloody big pat on the back!

  • Yep, doesn't seem enough! I'm just looking at some different ones now!

    Haha well maybe you're expecting a tad too much with regards to hair growth 🤣

    At least we know we are healthier even if we can't see it, I keep googling pics of smokers lungs and that isn't pretty!!

    Thank you! Might just treat myself this month to something nice with the money I've saved!

  • Definitely treat yourself - at the start of my quit with my new found sense of smell, I treated myself to 2 large Yankee Candles (smell the best!) - could start selling them now!!

  • Oh I love Yankee candles- they are lush!

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