8 days

This is day 8 for me. It is actually getting worse for me. I have been so nauseated the last 2 days. I can't eat and feel like I am going to throw up.I am very nervous because I feel so bad. I haven't coughed any and my lungs in the back seem to hurt. I don't really want a cig.,but I didn't feel like this when I was smoking. Has anyone else been sick like this?

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  • Hello Darlene,

    Just checking...are you using patches or any other form of nicotine replacement? We have had one or two people on here who have given themselves nicotine poisoning by using the wrong dosage. Sickness and nausea are some of the first symptoms.

  • No I'm not using patches or anything. I just feel sick and can't seem to eat anything.

  • A lot of people report feeling pretty awful in the early stages but it does wear off. Have a look at the pinned posts on the right hand side of the page. There's a lot there about side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

    Whatever it is I hope it wears off soon and you can start feeling the benefits of not smoking. Well done for getting so far - especially saying as you're not feeling too great.

    I didn't experience this but I quit using an e-cig. I just wanted to kill everybody after the first week!

  • It could be from the nicotine withdrawal. You're doing great, don't cave into smoking...this will pass!!

  • Welcome darlene12 and congratulations on Day 9 today :)

    The nauseous feeling is usually a symptom of taking champix as an aid in quitting - if you are taking it, see below pinned post that may be helpful to you (or even if you're not).


    With regards the pain in your back from lungs, perhaps, a visit to your doctor just to check for infection, I had a very bad chest infection prior to me quitting cold turkey over 14 months ago after waking up at 3am in the middle of the night and not able to get my breath, a cigarette has not touched my lips since and feel the best I have felt since I was a kid :)

    This is a rough stage in your quit but you can do it! Belief in yourself, you will never ever regret your decision to quit.

    Stay close to us and read up as much as you can on what happens when we quit :)

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