Week 1 done


Today is one week and I'm still ill and getting really annoyed at it lasting so long but I am happy to not have smoked for a week. I went out with my mum for an hour yesterday and really thought about smoking (she is a smoker) but I reminded myself this is a proper quit and not just stopping when I feel ill. I've downloaded a quit app which is motivating and I'm keeping up reading on here and other sites to keep it fresh in my mind to stay strong.

I hope everyone else is doing well in their quit xxxxx

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  • Congratulations and well done debsmcphee on your first big milestone of 1 week! You will be over the worst of the physical withdrawals by now so concentrate on the mental battle while you are recovering, continue the reading too, thanks for the update :)

  • Well done!! Congratulations on one week!

    Strength 💪



  • Congratulations on one week!!

    Sara xx

  • Keep it up!!

  • Congratulations that's awesome, it can be difficult when your out with some one who smokes.....But for me it made me stronger.....good luck

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