1 year tomorrow!

I am not trying to jinx myself but tomorrow will be my one year smoke free. I remember this time last year, I was hungover as hell from a Halloween party and on November first only smoked one cigarette. November 2nd I smoked two and on November 3rd I said I want to quit. I threw my pack away and haven't picked one up since. I feel very proud of myself. I hope you all are doing well with your quits!

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  • Wow! Head on up to the Penthouse, they are expecting you!

    Fantastic achievement. Well done. 😎😎

  • Thank you!

  • Wheres the love button, wow ReggieTheApe that 1 month count down to this very special day came around so quick as I told you!

    Huge congratulations and well done, especially being our dark horse quitter, you should be very proud as you done this remarkably well the majority of the time on your own.

    Door is open here in the Penthouse, we will be out the back using up the last of the halloween fireworks :D


  • You were so right, it came very fast! I almost cannot believe that I can almost say one year ago I quit. It is a tough road don't get me wrong and I did use this community many of times. Whether I was lurking around at peoples different advice and motivations or posting my own experience. I am happy that I made it this far and will continue down a smoke free path. Thank you Roisin for all the encouragement!

  • Keep in touch ReggieTheApe :)

  • Congratulations Reggie, really pleased for you!

    I remember the first time you posted...on the other site just as it was closing!!!

    You've come a long way...glad you made it.

  • Haha yes Nozmo! I found this community literally the day the old website was closing. I am very happy I came here as everyone has helped so much. It has been a wild year full of ups and downs.

  • hi ReggieTheApe

    what a year for you.must feel fantastic 😁

    congratulations 😤 be proud 😎

    take care 😊

    do still keep kicking 😎

  • A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ReggieTheApe ❣️❣️❣️❣️ Well done! I trust your move to the penthouse was smooth and your relaxed with some good company. I hear the food is amazing. Keep up your hard work and enjoy a smoke free life:)



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