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Day 8

nadavat1 Year Smoke Free
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Why am I feeling miserable and depressed? My mind appears to be fixated on having a this normal for days 7/8...not liking itπŸ˜”

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NozmoValued Contributor

Hi nadavat, you're feeling like that because of the quit. It does that to you; you can be full of enthusiasm and loving it one day and then the next day you are now for no apparent reason. You're not alone, I certainly went through the same thing in my early days and lots of others on here have done too.

Don't be downhearted about it. It's normal to be abnormal at this stage and you just have to ride it out until the mood changes. It's bloody awful basically.

You're doing really well, please don't think it's all going's part of the process and it gets easier!

nadavat1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Thanks for that!


hi nadavat

its horrible when you feel like that .i had it.

you will get over must change your mind the way you think. Try keep busy.

keep possitive 😁

you learnt to smoke now you learn not to smoke.

its a fight hopefully you can win.

time will will survive.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

nadavat1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the is hard but I will get busy!!


Whohoo nadavat you have made your first big milestone of 1 week, huge congratulations and well done!! Hope you have a treat lined up as you deserve it :)

With regards being down in the dumps, this is perfectly normal - please don't be disheartened as it will pass in a couple of weeks - see below pinned post which might help with what to expect (on the right hand side here if you want to have a look through any of interest to you). Try to read up as much as you can on quitting and the effects it has on our minds - it is a gradual process of healing - our brain has to re-wire after being poisoned with thousands of toxins - it will be worth it to hang in there, I promise - post as often as you need to, we are here for you and all have gone through the same.....

ChrisLeePH2 Years Smoke Free

Hi nadavat! Yeah I guess you really go through that phase a week or two into your quit. Experienced it myself. I just distracted myself, kept myself busy. A week after quitting smoking is already a milestone and to attain that, you've gone through a lot. I know, been there. So dont waste your progress. Don't give in to that inner demon. You are more powerful than you think you are. You can do it!

nadavat1 Year Smoke Free in reply to ChrisLeePH

Thank you!!

mushenValued Contributor

Hello there nadavat . Don't worry, as rubbish as this is, it is kind of normal. It's a bit like mourning the loss of something and quitting is emotional as well as physical. It can also feel quite isolating, as if you are on your own in the struggle - this does not help either.

Rest assured this is going to pass. There will be good and bad days. This is one of the bad ones. Just hang in there. Smoking affects the reward centres in the brain and when you stop, your brain has to 'make adjustments'. It takes time.

You are doing great. Do not give in. You are not alone. You are part of this team on here and you can do this.

We're behind you all the way ☺☺

Hi nadavat yes perfectly normal. It overtakes your thought process sometimes and all you think of is cigarettes. The receptors are playing games trying to reel you back in. Be strong. Tomorrow will hopefully be easier for you.


The farther you get away from that last nasty stinky cigarette the easyer it's got to be.

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