8 months & still going :)

Hi Guys!

I haven't been here in a while, just to say hello and make sure every one is behaving :> I'm still going, I'm passed the 8 months mark, I'm very proud to say!

Well done everyone and keep strong!

Missed you all!


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  • Mmaya!! Where have you been?

    VERY glad to see you back mate, will catch up later as currently skiving off work to reply. 😀

  • Ah mmaya, this post has made my day! Great to have you back, was worried when seen you had left us. Missed you too :)

    Really thrilled for you hitting the 8 months!

  • Thanks! I'm still here and still good, still not smoking :)

  • Congratulations I can't wait to get there

  • You will, one day at the time, small steps, you'll get there! I never thought I'd ever get here...and here I am :)

  • Congratulations on your 8 months :)

  • Hello Maya...hello...

    You haven't gone again have you? :-)

  • Never dude! I'm always around :)

  • That's great, I was worried when I saw you had gone a few weeks ago.

    Eight months eh? Two thirds of a year! I suppose you're feeling good about that? Well you SHOULD be 😀 Coming up to five months for me.

    Keep posting Maya, it's nice to have you around again.

  • I really hope it is the real Mmaya and not a stolen identity....Gees Maya.. we missed you!!!! and there on your own you achieved 8 months...Super...Welcome back and now the family house is almost full although I will move on t the Penthouse in +/- 2 weeks time...!!!!

  • Yes it's me buddy! 😀 still here, just needed some "me" time so I disappeared for a while ;)

  • Really missed you !!!

  • Missed you too Hercu! ...unfortunately life hasn't been very kind to me and I don't like to be a moaner so I had to take some time to find my "inner peace" and I am back. I did find some interesting facts this year... I am very surprised that I am still not smoking, the last year has been a serious challange for me and I am not even considering it.


  • Congratulations on 8 months mmaya - great job!

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