No Smoking Day

Hi all

as life gives us these curve balls to deal with, from my point of view at least, ( I've had a few to deal with of late ). Was just about to be pushed to insanity, as I walk in my new kitchen (water water every where) fridges been leaking, all the panels and bits water logged, what a hard few weeks,

But I'm here and just about hanging on to every post I've read.

So just about back to normal kitchen wise, the rest of the house will follow

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Great to see an update from you Tracey3 - hopefully the kitchen is sorted once and all, you seem to have absolutely desperate curve balls to deal with. If you get through these and not relapse again like previously, it should be very encouraging for you that you are well on your way to a solid quit.

Again, delighted to see you back and really hope you get some normality and calmness in your life, you so deserve it :)


Oh god, that is just rubbish. I can only imagine the stress! However, you seem to have come through it and out the other side which is great.

Hang in there, you are doing fine. 😊

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Well done on staying quit and dealing with your kitchen. Its amazing how these things test us on how to deal with quitting.


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