No Smoking Day
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Hi to one and all😀😀😀😀👍🙂🙂🙂

Well after, a troubled few weeks, I'm still here and doing dare I say, rather well, it is without doubt a wonderful thing, to be rid of those all to time consuming little white sticks, that for me at least, are and hopefully a nasty habit of my past.

Christmas for me begins on the first day of December, as walking around feeling festive, mulled wine, etc etc, arewhat makes this time of year truly great.

But ,m so enjoying it mire not smoking.

Just keep going, is my mantra. So another day over. Smoke free, feeling rather good.

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Hiya me old mate 😁

so great to hear from you 😁

you are here.yeah.

do keep kicking 😎

any grass or trampoline stories.ha ha

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

keep in touch 😊

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Well how can I put it, more to do with department store stairs, as I,m slowly walking down, with two lamps, (glass may I add) the rather elderly lady in front, I could see was going to fall, so I caught her coat, and she moved to the side, but me being me did a special tumble down the remaing five steps, one lamp shattered , bit of concussion, damaged tendons, as I gather my self, as much as one can in these situations, the little old lady says, are you ok my dear, I thought I was a bonnet she says.

Well I thought was a gonner to.


only you 😁


Wahey, it's wor Tracey!

Good to have you back and in one piece.

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Thanks Nozmo😀

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Ah Tracey, what a wonderful lady you are - great to read such a positive update from you!

Hope the Christmas preparations go well for you - haven't one present bought yet, after next week when college assignments out of the way I should get on track :)


Oh yes indeed, I collect xmas baubles, and have a book that goes back 25 years, with all the baubles that friends and family have ever bought me, some of those have passed away now, but it brings a smile to my face that those people bothered to think of me.

So my tree is very much a memorie tree, very random in design, that said, it's always lovely to decorate.


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