Two and a half thoozund tabs!

Two and a half thoozund tabs!

Sorry to use the local dialect but, according to my phone app, that's how many cigarettes I have now NOT smoked - 2,500. Amazing to think I would have smoked that many in a relatively short space of time. I think I'm due another treat!

Today's photo is of a squirrel that regularly visits our garden and eats the rabbit food. The rabbits are scared of it, the cats are scared of it, and I'm terrified of it. I've been trying to get rid of it by squirting it with water from my son's water pistol but it just sits there, grunting at me, and continues to eat.

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  • Ah cute pic Nozmo! Unfortunately, we will no longer see our pet rabbit at work as we moved to adjacent building after the last batch of redundancies (cost saving, all in one building now) and on the 1st floor. I would have loved to have got a picture of it to post up....

    Yeah, it is crazy the number not smoked. For me, (hanging head in shame and putting up in pride :) ), I have not smoked 6,889 in almost 8 months...

    PS Was meant to say to you, only recently I copped why you called smokes 'tabs', always thought of tablets, then realized it is short for tobacco, never heard them called tabs before...!

  • You've got a pet rabbit at work? That's great, haven't heard of a work pet before.

    Hadn't thought about why they're called tabs before, but what you say makes perfect sense. You're either "on the tabs" or "off the tabs". Fortunately I've been off the tabs for quite a while now.

  • I thought I mentioned on here before when you were talking about your fostered rabbits, we had one that came right up to our window at work at least once a week, it was adorable....

  • Yeah, you did sorry. Poor thing will be wondering where everybody's gone!

  • :)

  • You've got me curious now RoisinO1 so I had to look it up on the internet. Apparently this is why:

    "Ogdens Tabs was a popular brand of cigarettes in the north east at the beginning of the last century, and this became shortened to a "tabs", for cigs in general"

    Thought it might have been Norwegian at first...we've got so many Norwegian words in our dialect.

  • Interesting, every day is a school day :) ! Are you originally from Norway? Is that why you were thinking of moving there end of last year?

  • No, I was just going to move there to work. My start date was 1st of June so I would have STILL been on gardening leave with full pay if I hadn't gone back on the contract. I must have been mad! Actually, I wasn't far off mad at the time...

    We have lots of Norwegian/Scandinavian words in our dialect because the Vikings were always invading this part of the coast and a lot of them settled here.

  • You are a world of knowledge Nozmo!

    Ya came out the other side from then, be very proud, could have been still on 'the tabs' if you took the job!

  • Aha, you're getting it!

    Yeah, I think I probably would have been on them. All things happen for a reason and all that...

  • ha ha ha


    he's got your number.

    he's harmless.shame he's a red head ha.

    he's ok.nothing to be scared 😓 off

    I'm feeding a fox family.can spend hours waiting.watching them

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • That's great they turn up regularly to be fed?

  • hi Nozmo

    could be good for your garden.they can eat mice.

    id rather have a squirrel than mice ha.

    its all good.

    take care 😊keep kicking 😎

  • They will have to compete with the cats...they would probably win actually!

  • You definitely need a reward/treat for 2500 cigs not smoked - I love rewards! How about a squirrel house for the garden lol?

  • 2500 tabs! Wa yay man

  • Oh my word, how did this post get by me, not least as I feel a very strong, and I mean strong urge to say,  THIS IS STUPENDOUSLY FANTASTIC....... I,m enjoying your stats, just keep building and building, great news indeed.

    Plus poor little squirrel, just needs some loving .

    Well done to you.

  • Thank you Tracey!

    Squirrel hasn't been back today, maybe I offended him?

  • We use to have a family of deers at the back of our house, beautiful, on the night of our grandson being born, looked out side with my binoculars, it was oh sooo dark, beautiful starry night, and they just stood directly in front of me, and my better half. Well that's what he says.....

    Wonderful day that was.

  • Sounds it, one of those magical days when all good things come together.

  • Yes it was for me at least, a most magical moment, and then my little buddy was born, that changed my world, in the  most magical way.

    He is my words that said, he's just starting treatment, as he's so very very tiny, injections every day, I,m not to sure how I,m going to cope, but I will, I must. 

    To much information, sorry

  • Oh Tracey3 , I am so very sorry, you will cope, I know you will and as you said you must, that is easier said than done, I know, I will say a prayer for him, I have great faith in the power of prayer....xo

  • Oh no! Sorry to hear that Tracey, didn't realise. I hope everything works out OK.

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