Smoking is not an option... My mantra!

So I just I'm just sharing a bit abt my quit today.... At about 9.5 months the nasty thoughts started hunting me and o couldn't get rid of them no matter how much I tried. Because smoking is not an option, I decided to go back on the champix, it might just be stupid and unnecessary, but I'm not taking any risks. I'm 2 weeks in, I'm going to do 3 months, no side effects and the thoughts are gone, and I'm paradise again....

I'm happy!

Whatever it takes! Smoking is not an option!


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  • Love your Mantra Maya....Champix really is a huge help as long as there is no side effects...and especially when you have already done 9 + months.... Good decision and yes, do the whole 3 months and will be very nice to know it can be done and really helps...!!

    Stay strong as always Maya... !

  • Funny enough Hercu all those side effects that I had the first time, I have none at all which proves some people's theory that the champix side effects are really related to tge quit and not to the tablet.

    I still have the nausea. That's about it.

    But in terms of the anxiety and the thoughts about smoking, it's completely gone, my Gp was telling me he never prescribed champix for anyone how is 1 year off the cigarettes, but if it's going keep me another year off them, he's happy to give me the prescription lol whatever it takes!

    I was getting very close to relapse, I had to do something quickly, this was my solution, I hope it was the right solution.

    I'm only sharing because I'm hoping if anyone ever is on the same situation this might help.

  • It was an excellent move Mmaya...You Gp is very understanding and definitely is a tip for someone close to relapse after a year..

    Yes myself, Had a little Nausea but learned how to cope and live with it... Well strongs on your second round and very glad you was aware and took precautions early !!! Welle done Mmaya..!

  • So happy you should be, we all quit in different styles, but all have the same goal,

    It's like reading the side effects on a prescription from the doctors, can be such a horror story, like we should experience them all, I don't read them now, unless something quite obvious hits me, I find it much easier that way .

    Lovely to read your updates

    Keep posting

    Doing great

  • As John Lennon said, "Whatever gets you through the's alright, it's alright". Good to hear from you Maya... and glad it's all going well.

  • You know what? Just do what works! It's all good and this is way better than relapsing because relapsing me, I know!

    Stick with it. Well done for taking action. 🖒🖒

  • I agree. It really sucks! I know... I've relapsed too many times! Not this time I won't!

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