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Things in my life, but not smoking I won't give in

You see my sister had a accident lost part of her skull, and brain damage.

My husbands a functioning alcoholic.

My grandson is waiting results he's the size of a 18 month old, he's just about five.

My son is addicted to drugs (please don't judge)

My husband is undergoing tests as not well lost two stone in six weeks.

Our house is a nightmare, just money money money. , and getting no where fast.

Our other son has chronic breathing problems. And health issues

My daughter has just left her partner of 10yrs

So while it's all difficult and so saddening, I,m just pushing on, and while I try my hardest to help, and be there. It is indeed a strain

But I,m trying to just keep going with my quit.

Keep going if you can

So I guess wha I,m saying is, if you can keep going with your quit, brilliant,if it's not the right time, they is always tomorrow.

i have indeed relished smoking is not helping me, I think it does, but it doesn't, life happens, and we have to move forward if we can.

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Ah Tracey, will send you a private message shortly, 


hi trace

well what can I say

you got a lot on your plate.

I really hope you get the help.any family to lean on .

any good mates to support you.

your doing great not smoking.I not sure I could manage it.

anyway.hope your ok

Take care

keep kicking 😎


We all have our crosses to bear Tracey but you have enough for all of us put together. Very sorry to hear of all your troubles and my heart goes out to you. I've only experienced one of the things you mention (my brother was an alcoholic) but I know how much it affects the whole family.

You have done incredibly well to get where you are in your quit and you should be very, very proud of yourself.

I hope everything starts improving for you soon. Take care.


Sorry to hear your troubles tracey it must be very hard  for you giving up smoking while you have a lot going on in your life.i hope things get better for you soon.☺

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Reply are a one of a kind superstar..... All your joking and light heartiness which I enjoy so much and actually you have been hiding all your problems...

 Tracey it takes a very strong person to quit smoking amongst all these problems...and I thought I have got the world on my shoulders...Wow !!

Strongs !!


Aah, Tracey. I feel so much for you.  You keep all the newbies going being so upbeat and  yet you've been  hiding all your own problems. You really are a star. 

My thoughts are with you My Lovely - I feel sure that's the West Country.

Please let us all know how you are.  So many friends here with support. X


Tracey, no one deserves such a long list of hardships to bear. You are a remarkably strong person to cope and to be so strong in managing your quit. My thoughts are with you - stay strong 

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Wow how strong are you to quit smoking with such adversities I am full of admiration.

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