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33 days smoke free

Hi everyone hope everyone is well, I haven't been on here for a while with kids being off for Easter break, so today I realised I am 33 days smoke free and it certainly does feel great, cravings have definitely reduced to maybe 1 every couple of days I feel more energised I'm sleeping better and my sense of smell and taste is so much sharper. 😀

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Crikey that's good to hear 


Thanks FordyP didn't believe people when they said it gets easier but it does, especially when you see how much money you are saving also


Hey Jessica, great to read an update from you and that all is going well, keep it up!

Wow!  33 days, passed your 1 month milestone, that deserves a treat for yourself!


Thanks I treated myself to a new bottle of perfume since I no longer smell of cigs and I can actually smell it 😀


Nice to hear deserve that treat!


Wow doing a amazing job in great style, 

Lovely post, just keep going


Jessica...all the good signs that you are on a winning streak....Excellent..Congrats on 33 Days. Now go for 66....99.....333 !!!

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