Day two of realizing it is this week I am going to stop smoking!!!

Hi all. In my previous post alot has replied. And this is really a motivation for me. This is my 4th time trying to quit. First time, started again after six weeks, second time started again after one day and 3rd time after 9 hours. This time it is for good. I've ordered the Fibre shake today, will have it by Thursday. So Friday I will stop smoking. I've read alot about stop smoking and I've also read that a week before the set date you have to tell yourself that you will be quitting on that date. I am going to use this platform to do so. For the first time in 4th times I am really excited about this. Thank you for all your support guys! Much appreciated!!

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  • Mecs...You can do it...Strongs !!

  • With all the motivation i am getting from you guys, this time i will be a quitter!

  • Hello Mecs,

    Go for it!

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Keep posting to let us know how you're feeling, good or bad. There's always somebody who will encourage you or try to help.

  • The 5th of August is the start of your new life!!!

    From that date, smoking is no longer an option. If you go in with that attitude, you will do this.

    It is all about mind-set Mecs , you have the support, which will give you the strength to carry you through, IF you use it, the 3 post rule!!

    But go into this on the understanding that there is no reason to smoke. It not ok to smoke if something bad happens, it not ok to smoke because you are stress, it not ok to smoke because you are out drinking, or on holidays, or one won't matter. All of these things are your junkie brain talking, these are excuses, get out clauses, already imprinted in your brain to make this harder for you.

    Why do I say to make it harder? Because, in times of trouble, you will be thinking 'Should I or shouldn't I' , all the time! Don't do that to yourself. Go into this adamant. You are done with smoking, whatever happens. SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION!

    You will not regret this decision, remember you have to work hard for something you really want. You can do this though, look forward to watching your journey :)

  • Wow! What a comment! This will motivate me truly. Thank you girl!

  • Excellent Mecs, 5th August will be the best day of your life and a day to look back on for days to come, then weeks, then months, then years and say 'I put out my last cigarette that day!'.

    See you soon in day 1 :)

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