Stop Smoking Day,Sunday 1st of October.

Hello my Name is Andy,I live just outside Edinburgh near the Borders.

Tomorrow Sunday 1st October 2017 is my stop date,I thought I would do this in conjunction with Stopoctober and with the help of my local chemist through the NHS,I have my patches and lozenges at the ready for Tomorrow,my Carbon Monoxide test was reading quite high at 16,they said not to worry as this would obviously be greatly reduced by next week (that is an insentive in its self)

I am now in my twilight years so my health is now a big factor,but touching wood no great worries at the moment.I have had a few attempts to stop throughout the years but hopefully this time.

I woke up this morning with a slight feeling of dread in thinking this is my last day with the cigarette and all the what ifs,you know the feeling if something happens at work or in your life etc,I've found in the past the cigarette has been a bit of a crutch for me and that said there is no doubt it is a drug.the other reason is my energy levels are really low so hoping this will improve.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and any comments and advice will be greatly received.


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  • Huge welcome to our community andymo and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit. You have come to the right place as we are in the same big boat to get and remain smoke free. I quit cold turkey 2 years ago and never looked back - the anxiety you are feeling is perfectly normal - but please try to embrace putting out your last cigarette and be ready to attack - you will never ever regret stopping smoking. Have a read through other members journeys, we are all at different stages but all started at day 1 as you will tomorrow - wishing you strength, we are here for you so stay close to us.

    Below is some pinned post links worth a read if not already done so....

  • Hi,thank you for the welcome and support Roisin.

    Going cold turkey is the way to go which I would have preferred but I feel I might need a little help.

    Thank you for the links which I have Read and is helpful advice,I will post my progress once I am over my first day.


  • Hello and welcome andymo

    Don't dread tomorrow, it may not be anywhere near as bad as you imagine. Keep in mind that there is nothing you can do with cigarettes that you can't without. Don't over-think it, just take it hour by hour. Use your patches and lozenges and if you need support, post as much as you need to.

    Good luck 😁

  • Many thanks mushen,great advice to keep me in check,I see you are 1 year smoke free fantastic,will keep posting my progress.


  • That's the spirit! 😃

  • Andy trust me one day at a time :) because that's all I know and I am still a non smoker and very proud to be where I am.. I inch worm everyday, some days are hard others are easy, today has been hell for me but the hell days make you so strong and make the easy days a cake walk :) hang in there with us! we can all do it together .

  • Hi Abtatforu, thank you for the inspiration.

    I completely changed my routine this morning when i woke at 05.00 to get ready for work, (normally its some cereal & cup of tea and ciggie then shower) but i reversed it all apart from the ciggie of course,so showering first i put my patch on straight away to try and resist the temptation.

    I'm now at my work and the temptation is quite strong but fighting it and as you say inch worm,i work on the computer most of the day and i am checking out posts like your own and finding they are helping me.


  • Ah Andy, it is great to see you here in Day 1 - you seem to be doing very well, keep reading and busy - excellent idea to change your routine, will be doing alot of this in your new found healthier and happier life - enjoy :)

  • How is day 2 going for you andymo ?

  • Hi Roisin I'm afraid I fell at the first hurdle so I was going to give myself a couple of days to try again.

    I only made it to 4.00 pm on Day 1 and the craving got the better of me,I am coming up for my rest days so hopefully might have a better chance then and get back on the forum to post my progress.

  • Sorry to read andymo - it is very important to learn from our attempts and work on that for the next one - we will be here for you when back on the horse, my advice would be not to leave it too long - it doesn't matter how many times it takes, never give up trying :)

  • Thank you Roisin and the people who have supported me,I definitely have to do it !!

    I will post when I have about a week smoke free under my belt.

  • Hi I am coming up to my Champix quit day. Thanks for posting even though it didnt work this time. It cheered my day reading your post. I will try to get through my first day on saturday.

  • Welcome to our community shirleyhunter - how did you get on yesterday?

  • Im doing okay. Very distracted and having trouble concentrating but day by day is my motto for now.

  • Ah well done shirleyhunter - great plan to just take it day by day, even hour by hour if needs be - perhaps create a new post on your progress when you get a chance...

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