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Stop smoking

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Mecs2 Years Smoke Free

Hi all!

This will be the week i am going to give up smoking with Fibre shake tablets.

I will be posting everyday just to get some motivation.

This is day one of realising that this is the week.

I will need motivation though. What to do and what not to do.

I hope you wont get irritated with my posts! This is a big decision I am making. A life timechanging thing.

I have been smoking since i was ten years old 23 years. Plus i am a chain smoker.

This week i will stop. But i do need help. Any advice?

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Putter1000 Days Smoke Free

Hi Mecs . What are Fiber shake tablets? How will they help you?

I find deep breathing exercises really help me. Lots of water and a form of exercise. Right now I'm choosing to walk every morning but I'm learning how to run. This group is really supportive and there is also lots of good reading in the pin posts.

Stay close, and keep your reasons for quitting closer.


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Mecs2 Years Smoke Free in reply to Putter

Hi Putter. It's tablets that helps to withdraw the nicotine from your body. It also decreases the craving. (

I haven't ordered it yet. But it will be today or tomorrow.

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HercuValued Contributor

Mecs...Warm Welcome...Starting with this positive attitude shows you want to do this...The only to do thing is as much as possible and know what is happening to you... It is a big decision but also the best one you have made in your life...!

There is no magic pill to stop smoking but takes a lot of discipline and determination....Yes post as often as you want and tell us what you are feeling.... We might be able to help...!!

Strongs !!!

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Mecs2 Years Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Thank you Hercu!

I know.

Mindset needs to be right.

So far so good!

As long as I have motivation from you guys! I will make it.

My husbands smoke as well, thats what makes it a bit difficult for me!

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HercuValued Contributor in reply to Mecs

Thanks Mecs...

Beware of sales mimics...Your body is cleaning itself of nicotine within 72 hours after your last cigarette... I was a heavy smoker, 60 per day for 38 years (Almost chain) and it was true for me... The emotional side effects of stop smoking is really the thing that makes it difficult...(You are going to loose a life long companion....and you will feel very emotional....!!

I want to stress the importance of knowing thy enemy... This is a nasty opponent....

Supplement with all the vitamins A-Z and your body will stay strong to fight the physical withdrawal....

The husband smoking ...Yes very difficult and you must try to get his support not to smoke with you nearby for the first 60 days at least...!!

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Mecs2 Years Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

Thank you Hercu!

Iappreciate it!e

Mecs just take each day as it comes, post as much as you want, we don't mind honestly!!!

Drink cold water for the craving's, fruit juice for your sugar levels (which will drop), frozen grapes can also aid you at this time (instead of sweets).

Distraction is the key at time point, keep yourself busy!!!

You can do this :)

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Mecs2 Years Smoke Free

Thank you! Yes!!!!! I will do this!!! Thank you all for your kind words!

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BevJk2 Years Smoke Free

Hi Mecs

Congratulations on your decision to quit!

It is my 1st day today and to be honest I haven't found it as bad as I thought yet! I was smoking about 35 a day for 41 years. Everyone on here is lovely and helpful. We can get through this journey together! 😀

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Mecs2 Years Smoke Free in reply to BevJk

Thank you Bev! We cando this! Strongs to you to my darling!

Hi Iam 42 and I smoked from 16 make the calculation... :) I have quit since octomber 2015 , and I;m using e-cigarete . every time i reduce nicotini every time have withdrawlls.... I know that is from cigarete because I used for a while nicorete patch 14mg and I was ok. But no I want to go through e-cigarete becuse i dont have cravings.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to chronis

Welcome to our community chronis. Perhaps, give us a full introductory post. Huge congratulations on being quit over 9 months. That is great!

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chronis in reply to RoisinO1

Hi I;m Chronis from greece,,,hot here 36celc I was in the sea and everyone around me was smoking, here in greece not laws applying where to smoke. you can actually smoke everywhere... I have seen doctors to smoke inside the hospitals. anyway I;m vaping now e-cigarete 12mg e-lic . have severe withdrawls when i reduce the nicotine from 18mg e to 12 for about 2 month. The thinking is to reduce the nictotine again in a month to 9mg e-lic then after 2 month to 6 and so on... I

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to chronis

Well done chronis can you let me know your quit date for your milestone badges?

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Abuelajeannie3 Years Smoke Free

Don't know what fibre shake tablets are but I hope they help. Mindset is your best defence though that nicodemon is very cunning especially in those early days, but keep showing him the door he will get the message. Drink lots of water, read all you can about quitting . I was a heavy smoker for over 40 years so I know it's not easy but I am totally happy with my quit now. Stay strong and let us know how your doing

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mushenValued Contributor

Hello Mecs. Good to have you here.

Yep, it is a massive decision and probably one of the best you will make in your lifetime. It is hard, but not so hard that it is impossible. I am back on here after a 3rd relapse and I don't plan to have another. For me, I think actually getting started is one of the biggest hurdles. If it helps, my husband also smokes. This is tricky. I had to tell him to hide the packet so that I did not come across it - especially in the morning. He now disappears out to the garden 'discreetly'. Do what you need to do in order to maintain your quit. As Hercu said, the emotional part can be tough. You kind of mourn the loss of cigarettes and have to make new habits. Rest assured, this is all completely possible!

You can do this. We can do this. We do this together because there is strength in numbers.

Go for it!!!

RoisinO1 profile image

Hey Mecs, great to read another update from you. Did you speak to your doctor about the champix that you were thinking of using previously? Maybe speak to your doctor about the Fibre Shake tablets as I too have never heard of them which is not a good sign...

As with all the great advice given above, set your date you are going to put out your last cigarette, get the mindset of desire and determination and like BevJk's preparation, have a clear out. Read up as much as possible and be sure before your quit date to set some ground rules with hubby regarding his smoking as the first few days are going to be critical not to cave in.

We look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon....

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MrsNicoFree100 Days Smoke Free

Hiya Mecs, good to read your update, I would tend to agree that you should definitely speak to your doctor before ordering the Fibre Shake tablets as never heard of them and sound like a dodgy sales scam... (looked them up there and don't look great, but that is just my opinion)

Set your date and we will be here waiting for you with open arms :)

ExZippo profile image
ExZippo50 Days Smoke Free

Hi Mecs , day 1 today for me, so far so good. I agree with the opinions of the Fibre Shake tablets, never heard of them either and sound dodgy, definitely check with your doc, look forward to seeing you in Day 1 with us soon

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Eire_Cailin756 Months Smoke Free

Great Mecs that you have made your quit date this week, but.......... like some of the above, those tabs don't sound great, looked them up too and seems like a scam, be careful and see you soon in Day 1 :)

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Mecs2 Years Smoke Free

Hi all. Thank you for your comments. About the Fibre shake, I've used it before. It helped for one day and I started smoking again. My mindset wasn't right. But I know why I want to stop this time. Champix has site affects, and with my disability I have a lot of emotional issues. The dr would have never gave it to me. Fibre shake is a natural ingredient and if you feel like smoking you eat raisons. That time I was on a special diet and I wasn't allowed to eat raisons. That is one of the reasons I stopped using the tablets. But it does work and it is 100% natural.

Thankyou all for your kind words. I will start a new post today. Hope you wont get tired of me hehe xxi

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