My “Nasty Sweet” remembrances

Lately on this amazing journey I have came upon things that make me remember the stupidity in which I lived for almost all off my adult life. The crazy thing about it is that it does not make me to want to smoke but makes me remember in disbelief..... Things like that cigarette burn on my car seat, my favourite sweater with a hole burnt in the sleeve, the pack filled with empty used lighters (I seldom threw an empty away). The finding of lighters everywhere, in the toolbox, in the garden shed, in my fishing Tackle box, in the back seat glove box, in the dry compartment of my Kayak, everywhere there is lighters.....!

On the brighter side I noticed how much better the garbage smells when it doesn't contain a packs worth of butts and ashes, how fresh the TV room smells after a Saturday afternoon’s good sports. Even the Domestic uses fewer window cleaner because there is less tar and smoke residue.....! Small things but so noticeable..and I love it..!!!!!

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  • Me too Hercu, me too! The memories and smells, ongoing and will be for some time yet I think as so many things we have done in life that we associated with smoking...

    (But a few exceptions though that I wish my sense of smell wasn't so sharp, if ya know what I mean ;) )

    Just noticed last night that every thing looks so much cleaner too since I quit and the appreciation of nature is amazing!

  • Roisen...I hope this rediscovery never ends...and yes I understand completely about the exceptions !

    Certainly nature has come to life for me as well and I am still cross with myself by neglecting the beauty thereof for so many years...!!

  • Hercu

    look at you.domestic.

    nice post.

    take care 😊

  • Lol lizzy that was my first thought too!

  • ha ha 😊

  • Hey Hercu, another wonderful post. I remember many years ago when my kids were still fairly little we used to live in a first floor flat/apartment. Didn't really have an outside area I could go to smoke without leaving the kids inside alone or dragging them out with me so I used to smoke only in the kitchen. Kept the door closed and the window open at all times - even the middle of winter brrrrrrr. Anyway, we had net curtains up which were white - except for the little square where the open window was which used to turn brown from the tar. Now my nets are lovely and white all over but I still think of that brown net from time to time and wonder at how gross it was and how I stuck with it for so long.

    And I only have 1 candle lighter in the house now instead of the 20 odd in various drawers lol :D

  • Miscy.... Yes Strange here with us we keep windows closed for few reasons ...Ambient temperature is very high so the air con is running 24/7...Bugs, snakes and Mosquitoes and my wife's nightmare : DUST...Red Africa dust sticks to everything with a passion...White curtains or lace is out !!

    I was amazed by my discovery of lighters in all those places remembering how many times I wanted to light a cigarette and could not lay my hands on a lighter....!!! incredible..!!

  • Yes! Isn't it crazy how you can never find a lighter when you want one lol. Another problem we no longer have ... phew!

  • Here here! With you all the way Hercu


  • Oh yes I feel the same, everything smells cleaner, even me lol.

  • That is a fact Jean...!! I also thought so standing between smokers lol !

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