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The big day has arrived!!

BevJk2 Years Smoke Free

Hi guys,

It's my day 1 today, I had a good clear out yesterday and gave all my pouches of tobacco away and have for the 1st time thrown away all my rolling tins as I can't hand roll a ciggie! All the ashtrays have gone and lighters!

New air freshener in conservatory where I used to smoke and in my car. Day 9 of Champix and 2nd day of full dose. Hypnotism last night in bed on my iPad and have ordered the Allen Carr dvd as a back up should be here tomorrow! Got my word search book and some bottled water to sit in the canteen at work with.

Got a 12hr night shift tonight so that will be hard but will stay resolute and will get through my 1st 24hrs!

Sorry to write boring posts. But it helps to tell someone and gives me something to focus on!

Thinking about it now sitting here writing this I haven't really struggled as much as I thought, it's all in the mind!

Catch you later! X x

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HercuValued Contributor

100% prepared Bevjk.....well done !!!

You are ready and seems fighting fit....There is never a boring post and we are looking forward to follow your progress....Stay strong tonight !!!!

mmaya1 Year Smoke Free

Nothing better than being well prepared for battle. I believe when you prepare yourself you are already winning.

Knowledge is all, read as much as you can about the addiction, try to be one step ahead of the enemy, if you know what's coming.. You will know how to defeat it.

Stay strong, you can do this, post before you smoke, we are all with you. Good luck!

ExZippo50 Days Smoke Free in reply to mmaya

what a very bizzare thing to post Hidden, 'post before you smoke???' I feel too that luck has nothing to do with quitting, it is all about choices......

mmaya1 Year Smoke Free in reply to ExZippo

Ahahah...I used as a technique on my first days, every time I was about to give in I would just post first and wait for the reply, it worked as a distraction and kept me away from smoking many times.

It may sound silly but the power of the forum is actually huge! Whatever works.

ExZippo50 Days Smoke Free in reply to mmaya

I have found this forum already and only on Day 1 has been huge, the welcome received is overwhelming. I thought I would familiarize myself with some posts of newbies and seen this reply and thought it was odd and felt disheartened as had a mental image of a box of cigs and lighter and you smoke after the posting - don't think the word 'smoke' should be in the equation at all....

mmaya1 Year Smoke Free in reply to ExZippo

It wasn't meant that way,.... You're welcome by the way! I hope you take the most from tge forum, you will see, there's so much help available here.

I'm 10.5 months now, I can tell you 100% I would not have made it here without the help of this forum.

😀stay strong!

ExZippo50 Days Smoke Free in reply to mmaya

I will thanks.......


Love the planning!! The fear and anxiety about quitting can sometimes be a lot worst that it actually is! Stay strong, learn and you will be fine.

Remember post if needed that what we are here for ;)

Abuelajeannie3 Years Smoke Free

Well done on being so prepared. Nothing you post on here will be considered boring so post away whenever you need to. We're all behind you good luck and stay positive

Putter1000 Days Smoke Free

Fantastic preservationists!!! Keep that up. You've chosen great tools to help. Post as often as you want to but at least once a day for the first bit if you can. As much as this is a support group it can also act as

an accountability group too:)



Trem2 Years Smoke Free

Welcome to a great forum with some genuine people who care and have great advice. I have the Allan Carr book and it's awesome. Good luck and looking forward to your next post


mushenValued Contributor

Your posts are not boring!!! Keep writing them.

Excellent idea about throwing everything smoking related out. Best of luck at work tonight, you will be OK.

Let battle commence!!!


Hey BevJk, only getting to log online now and delighted to see your Day 1 post! (bit nervous when I heard nothing back from you last night when I posted :) )

You are showing great desire, focus and determination and the preparation is vital and that you mean business!

Never think your posts are boring, we all had to start off at the same stage as yourself and know exactly what you are going through. Post as often as you need to, even throughout the night as we have all time zones covered here.....

Don't forget the SOS post if you need it. Really looking forward to reading your

MrsNicoFree100 Days Smoke Free

Congrats on Day 1 Bev, you are doing great and have a great attitude!

Can't add any more to the above good advice other than stay close to here and read all the pinned posts if not already done so....


evening BevJk

how's it going.

hope all is good.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

ExZippo50 Days Smoke Free

Day 1 for me too BevJk , so far so good. Hope you are doing ok and the night shift goes well for you! Keep us posted.

Eire_Cailin756 Months Smoke Free

Great to see you here BevJk on Day 1, keep us updated on how you are getting on...


How are you getting on BevJk

BevJk2 Years Smoke Free

Hi guys,

Just home from work after a bit of a nightmare shift but just managed to get through it! Now off to bed to listen to my hypnosis and chill!

Thanks so much for all your posts, it helps! X x

mmaya1 Year Smoke Free in reply to BevJk

Congratulations on your day One! Bring on day Two :) Stay strong! 😀

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to BevJk

Ah well done BevJk, hope Day 2 is going as well for you.... stay close to us :)

BevJk2 Years Smoke Free

Thanks for your support guys, another night shift tonight but feeling ok. 😀😀

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