3 months today. Feeling good. When I think back over my quit it has been some journey. The early stages when there was a strong physical need for a cigarette. Then the feeling of total exhaustion and listlessness, where every minute seemed to last an hour, it was impossible to concentrate or do anything at work and all I wanted to do was sleep. Then the emotional side, being grumpy, needy, thin-skinned and generally an ass. Right now I am feeling pretty good. The up-sides definitely outweigh the downsides. Not smelling like an ashtray; not waking up with a foul taste in your mouth; not having a persistent tickly cough; not having to sneak off all of the time. All of those early symptoms seem to have gone or at least reduced to a level where I don't seem to notice them. I am feeling a real sense of achievement as well and since I have managed to sort out my sleep patterns, a real sense of energy. I am wary of the "Blahs" but really do feel in a good place at the moment. Used the new golf clubs that I bought with my savings for the first time yesterday as well. RoisinO1 bring on that badge I need something sparkly and shiny!

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  • Huge congratulations FordyP - 3 months is amazing and you worked very hard to get here. But I had every faith in you from your very first post. You overcame the biggest test in our quits in the first 2 weeks of your quit, a holiday! That is remarkable. Well done and enjoy testing out the new golf clubs, you are up north this week?

    With the site being problematic over the weekend, your 3 month badge is just gleaming I have shined it that much :)

  • Thanks RoisinO1 - yes up North next week. Hoping the weather holds out. It is a trip with a bunch of guys I was at school with. Last one of these trips we had I was smoking - will be glad to be making this one as a non-smoker (or is that an ex-smoker!)

  • Hope your having a great time up North FordyP and getting the weather :)

  • Just back RoisinO1 - good fun and great scenery.

  • Yippee...;and in time so that I can be the first to congratulate you Fordy....You became one of us with a lovely positive attitude and be assured all your posts made sense and carried a very good message...

    Hope that badge is bright and shiny but behind your name it will be extremely bright...Congrats Fordy...And all the strongs on the journey towards a smoke free future...!!!!

  • Yes...And there Roisin is actually no 1...can only be my worlds technology to make me the 2nd one to congratulate...But OK first or last...still well done Fordy

  • Thanks Hercu - the badge seems very shiny to me. Wearing it with lots of pride!

  • Congratulations Fordy! 3 months is fantastic and it also sounds like your in a good place with your quit which is even better :)

    Now, where's my shades, that badge is so bright!

  • Thanks miscy - it certainly does feel good. Couldn't have got this far without this site though and the support of everyone on it

  • With that badge we are all blinded by your brilliance 8)

    Congratulations FordyP were you are now is an amazing accomplishment!! I hope you will be treating yourself :)

  • welshgirl84 your support really helps - thanks (*puts on sunglasses to avoid blinding glare from shiny new badge*)

  • These badges need to be given a health warning they're so bright! I have sunspots in my eyes now ... can't bloody see a thing! RoisinO1 a little less polish if you please :D

  • :)

  • FordyP 😎 ✨

    3 months.... WoopWoop!! You sound strong and well on your way of determination to beat this nic demon. Great job, keep up the good work🤗

  • Thanks Putter - hope all is well with you

  • A little better @Fordy P... Thanks

  • Great news 3 months and that shiny new badge too. Being just a week in front of you I know what this 3 month milestone means to you, fantastic achievement.

  • Thanks Jean - yes we are very close together on our quits

  • Well done Fordy, proud of you. It’s good to see how settled you have become in your quit. Next week sounds like the perfect way to pay yourself back for three months of hard work.

    I'm going to send you a list of local words and phrases that will help you seamlessly blend in.

    I hope you all behave yourselves when you’re up here though. I don’t want you drinking all of our beer...stealing the towels from the hotel...or bothering the sheep. I’ll be asking my good friend Lord Percy, Duke of Northumberland to keep an eye on you from the ramparts of Bamburgh Castle.

  • I am afraid that I can't make any promises Nozmo - especially about the beer and sheep!

  • Congratulations on 3 months and the new golf clubs.

  • Thanks car-d

  • It's is, without doubt, a moment in life, holding a massive banner, with a huge well done, and congratulations to you, It quite strange isn't it, when we finally realise, we have reached a certain goal, with that thought, it has a certain way of making us proud, and proud you should be.

    Brilliant, reaping the rewards for all your determination, to be smoke free.


  • Thanks Tracey3 - your support has been invaluable

  • I've clocked up 2 months today, and now really, really looking forward to a 3 month badge...

  • 2 months is brilliant - you are well on your way!

  • Congratulations! Definitely an accomplishment! I am on my third month as well and I couldn't agree more feeling proud.

  • Deeedavila7 many thanks and welcome. Fantastic that you are on your third month as well. Are you going cold turkey? How have you found the journey? Would be great to hear your story

  • Huge welcome Deeedavila7 and congratulations on 3 months, your badge is on its way! You have every right to feel proud. Perhaps give us an introductory post when you get a chance.

    PS Can you give me your quit date for your future milestone badges....

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