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No Smoking Day
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Smoke free-3months of Hell

Hi Everyone! This is my first post . Today I have stopped smoking for three months. I want to thank you as I've been reading your posts throughout my exorcism of nicotine and it has truly helped.

I was a forty a day guy ...smoked for 30 years. I had a few successful quits in that time none that lasted more than 3 months...so thought I shouldn't be shy ...introduce myself . I want to get through this No Mans Land bit of the quit and the cocky 'I can just have one' mentality .

For me this 'experience' and rollercoaster ride of hideousness I want never to repeat ! One minute I'm high on life ...then I'm starting an argument ...then I'm sobbing and maudlin the list goes on . I've put on weight :/ ...and have felt like I'm going a bit dolally ! ...But I know it will be worth it , the pluses are still outweighing the negatives .Good luck and Keep going everyone ! N.O.P.E.

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Lolaboy...Welcome and thank you for expressing exactly how you experience this quit thing ..

I am sure 90% of us quitters are battling or battled the same experiences...Well I for one got goose pimples reading your post remembering my first weeks up to months... The crazy thing is that there is not a definite time when it gets better but it just get better and better..!

I am almost neurotic on not to smoke again because I do not want to go through that hell again....Truly once on the other side it is amazing....Certainly a pleasure and truly much more pro's than con's..!!


Welcome and congratulations on over 3 months quit, well done!

Yeah, it is a roller coaster of journey alright and will be for a while longer as your body and mind continues to rewire, repair and recover and as you rightly said, it will be so worth it to be free - wishing you continued success and strength. We look forward to reading your progress :)

PS Can you let me know your quit date for your milestone badges?


Welcome!! Nice to meet you, I'm the queen of crazy, uncontrollable sobbing with a good giggle to make it all a smoke free package...😳 It's a crazy ride but with strength 💪 And a positive mind you can do it. Keep at it, make a list of 'whys', it's super helpful 💜

All the best



I appreciate your honesty! I will soon have one month smoke free and it's nice to hear what really happens in the stages of recovery from the nasty cig. I too have nasty attitudes, hot flashes, and night sweats only when I'm trying to go to sleep that is pretty annoying. This is something new that has popped out of nowhere by the way. I'll be very grateful when that ends as well as getting sleepy when I need to be. Lately I have been up until 2 a.m. just waiting to yawn.

The good parts outweigh the bad, you are totally right. Just to make you feel a bit better: At least you aren't like me, only almost making a month smoke free! :) I exercise and drink lots of water, and boy I tell ya I run so much better already! I used to try and catch my breath and now I just breeze through it. Not saying it's easy, but I've noticed a huge difference.

I have learned not to go off of other people's time line's and what to expect when you are quit for such and such months because I've read so many different success stories and they all say something different. I just focus on one day at a time and like you, I love food now and have gained a few pounds already, but I'd rather take a few extra pounds over going back to that smoking hell again any day.

All I know is I am waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel when my mood is stabilized and I'm back to being happy mommy and way more productive like I heard was supposed to happen. lol. I had energy at first and now I'm lazier than before. Kind of depressing, but I know it's just part of recovery.

Congrats on the 3 months!


Great reply SheenaL - as our bodies are working very hard to repair and rewire, they may need to some supplements to improve our energy and mentality so perhaps a trip to your health food shop might help - they will be able to recommend some herbal supplements that are lacking when we give up smoking....


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